Friday, November 25, 2011

A closed door isn't always the end!

Mildly disappointed, but it's just a revise on the plan.

So, I am not going to run the strip at Vegas next weekend :( A bunch of different reasons have affected the final decision for this. So, the plan is that NEXT YEAR I AM GOING TO RUN MY FIRST MARATHON in December 2012 in Vegas!! I am hoping we can make another trip down maybe a couple of weeks later in December, or else I am for sure going on Spring Break!! I miss my family so much :(

I have been searching out an alternative, as I am definitely wanting to finish a half-marathon sooner than later. I found one!! I am going to run the half-marathon in Wenatchee on April 21st!! So, I am pretty stoked, plus it's sponsored by a foundation created after the passing of an incredible runner in Wenatchee, who actually knew. SUPER cool that the registration goes towards that!!

I am going to register on pay day next week, and it's going to be my Christmas present to me. I am very excited about it!! As well, it does give me more time to train, which will be nice. I want to be able to jog the entire bit, or the majority of it! My goal is to finish it in less than 3 hours and 30 minutes! That's an average of a 16 minute mile, which normally I can walk easily a 15 minute mile. So, if I can jog at least half of it...

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