Saturday, November 12, 2011

My real Friday!!

Friday was a great day!!! I am so appreciative of the past, present and future veterans who have served our country including my son and my daddy :)

I did a lot of things around the house, a continuation from Thursday night! YEAH!

Then I went and bought a heart rate monitor! Yippie! I went to Big 5 and bought a Bowflex HRM.

It is normally $129, but it was on sale for $45!! I did find it online at Amazon for $65, too, but it was awesome to pick it up yesterday in person! Plus, I was given a free knife for being one of the first 100 people in the store yesterday morning. COOL!

Anyhoot, it is cool because you can use it with or without the chest strap. It only took me about 15 minutes to get everything set up with all my personal info.

Then I hopped on the treadmill. I went a total of 2 miles. I warmed up by walking a half of a mile in 8 minutes. Then I amped it up, and I ran a mile in 10 minutes!!!!!  I just kept telling myself that I could do anything for just 10 minutes, and  I did. Actually I was surprised at how easy it was. I kind of just got a groove going, and it felt good. Then I spent another 7 minutes cooling down and walking a half mile.

SO, my HRM told me that I averaged 145, which is EXACTLY in my target zone!! I burned 234 calories for 25 minutes of walking/jogging. My max was 185, which is 5 over what should be my max. I am guessing that happened when I ran 10 mph for 30 seconds. THAT was scary, and I really didn't like it. The HRM also broke the workout into HIGH, LOW, and IN. So, you know what your balance is throughout.

Now for what I ate:
coffee latte- ff, sf white choc, sf coconut - 16 ounces - 90

I made the yummiest grilled cheese and turkey sandwich for me for lunch and a grilled cheese and ham sandwich for Ricky for lunch. I love eating lunch with him :) Wish we could do it every day!!

bread - 240
chili garlic cheese - 2 slices - 160
turkey- 60
whipped veg. spread (like butter) - 30
Total for sandwich = 490 - which is a lot, but it was kind of a brunch, since I didn't eat breakfast.

Up to this point I ate 580 calories.
Calories for exercise = 234
SO, net = 346

We had date night last night!! So, we went out to eat dinner, which was such a treat on a Friday night because normally I am at football on Friday night! We went to Rancho Chico, and I ordered a veggie quesadilla. It was delicious! I loved the spinach in it. I could only eat half of it, and I didn't feel obligated to eat the entire thing, not to waste it, or whatever. I also ate some chips (didn't count how many) with salsa. And, the big treat for me...I had a small coconut margarita! It was so yummy :)) Finally when dessert came, the little chip with a dab of whip cream, strawberry ice cream and syrup. And, I did eat it!! I also drank 3 glasses of water with dinner. In the end, I don't know my total calorie intake for dinner, but even if it was 1000 calories, it would put me at 1346.

Then we went to the movies :) I was so full that I didn't even want anything. I had figured I would maybe I would have a small unbuttered popcorn, but in the end I was feeling stuffed!! So, I had a HUGE water instead :) Even Rick just had a pop. Makes me think we should eat dinner right before the movies, since it will keep the price down, too!

I also bought some new exercise clothes, and a couple of new shirts, all as XL instead of XXL. That feels super!! I can't wait until I am buying them all in L!! I also packed up all of my 20s of everything to give to a friend because I will NEVER wear them again. I am close to doing the same with my 18s.

Good day for sure :))

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