Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Better day!

Today was the best day of the week!! I had fun all dressed in black (including lipstick and nail polish), and WILD hair :) Today's dress-up was color day, and the staff color is black!

I did scoot over for a chiro appointment right after school, and although I am VERY sore right now, I know tomorrow will be better!! Ribs were back out :( BUT, they are back in now! Ice and heat, ice and heat, ice and heat!

I had fun today at the Goofy Games and then tonight at the Powder Puff football and Macho volleyball! Does shivering and freezing my patootie off count for burnign calories?!?!

Calories in =
Cottage cheese- ½ cup - 100
Coffee-FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread-70
Chocolate covered espresso bean – 7

Peppermint patty - 30
String cheese - 60
Shrimp – 77
Pear- 96

rice cake – 35
green salsa- 15

diet hot chocolate- 20
3 pumpkin spice marshmallows – 25

Spaghetti sauce = 75 calories for3/4 cup
Meat- 100
Noodles- 210
Parmesan cheese- 20
Salad- 25
Croutons- 20
Honey mustard dressing – 20

Calories= 1005

Calories out- nothing extra today.

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