Sunday, October 9, 2011

I LOVE Sundays like this :)

Today we decided to go for probably one of the last motorcycle rides of the season! We rode up to Washington Pass and walked around the little overlook trail.

I had so much fun. I love my family so much, and I love my motorcycle! I love the freedom I feel, and I love the fact that I can drive my own motorcycle. I am definitely feeling more and more confident about my driving abilities:)

And, it had been since Labor Day weekend that I had gone for a longer--more than buzzing around town-- kind of ride, and I realized that I have lost enough weight to make a difference in my motorcycle jacket and chaps. First, my motorcycle jacket with liner, would never be able to also fit my hoody, but today I had long underwear, shirt, and hoody on under my jacket with its liner in! And, my chaps...when I first bought them (beginning of summer) they were on the farthest buckle, and now they can't go any closer!!! That's like 5 little notches over!!!

Calories in=
coffee with gingerbread latte creamer- 30
jerky - just a little piece-25
FF, SF white chocolate, SF almond-90
230 calories

Dinner at Duck Brand- not sure what calories are exactly.
I had a duck quesadilla, though I only ate a little over half of it. I didn't finish it, and Rick said, "Is that all you are going to eat?" I seriously was not hungry! Plus, I knew it was fatty.

1 cup of duck =281,though I know it wasn't an entire cup!!
tortilla- guessing 210
BBQ sauce

800 calories would be high, I think, but I will go with it :)

Casa Solana tortilla chips- 10 chips-150 calories and salsa


Calories OUT=
1 hour for a 150 pound person = 179

I drove for a total of 3 hours today, and I know I don't weigh 150 pounds!! So, I am going to guess around 600 calories.

Oh, and we also did miniature golfing.

All in all, good day for eating and family time :))

Also, I LOVE MetroMint water!! So refreshing.

It's been a good weekend!!! Bring on this busy week ahead of us!

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