Sunday, October 16, 2011


Though I did not post since Thursday, I have been writing everything down that I am eating!!! BOY, what a busy, but good, couple of days. Overall, I have done well :)

I am totally on it for my food. I am not afraid to eat something I want to eat pizza, cupcakes, and even a candy bar! I just write it down. NO GUILT. No sneaking. Just the truth about what's going in my mouth! It makes me feel so strong and in control!

I also realized that 12 ounces of a latte is plenty for me, and it is cheaper and less calories than 16!! WOO HOO!

Cottage cheese – 100
Coffee- FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread 90
Coffee bean - 7
Coffee – pumpkin latte - 200
Tomato basil veggie burger-120
Peppermint patty -30
String cheese- 60
almonds- 170
1 piece (skinny piece) of cheese pizza from Hometown - 300??
2 chocolate chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow on top - 200 each-400?

TOTAL= 1617
No specific exercise, but trust me I was running, running, running, from here to there and everywhere in between for our mini-cheer camp!

Coffee with gingerbread creamer - 40

Snickers 230

Grilled chicken(1 cup) salad - 250
Homemade French dressing- 40
Sweet potato fries-150

Hot chocolate – 50
Pumpkin marshmallows-50

Salsa - 30
Pretzel chips- 110

Calories in =890

Calories out= 146 calories per hour of driving my motorcycle x 6 hours (and, I know it was more calories than that because there were a couple of places that I was COLD, especially going up Sherman Pass--there was snow on the ground!)= 876

NET Calories = 14

12 ounce pumpkin latte Starbucks FF, 200
¼ cup orchard trail mix- 130

Pretzel chips-110
Salsa- 30

Smoked salmon – 100

Banana bread (homemade)- not really sure on this. I made enough batter to make 3 loaves. I had two slices off of one of the loaves. 200 calories?
Pumpkin butter - 20

Hillshire chicken, apple, Gouda sausage - burned up the package before I looked at the calories, but I know it's under 200 calories. I couldn't find it online--too new of a product. So, I am going to go with 180.
Hot dog bun-100
Honey mustard- 20

6 pumpkin marshmallows- 50

Calories IN= 1140

Calories OUT =
Exercise=254 for 15 minutes - jumproping!!!! I just about died.

Net calories = 886

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