Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Oh, Tuesday, HOW I LOVE YOU!!

Today was a fantabulous day!!! It just was :)

Some things I love:
1) ZUMBA!!! Today's class was so much fun because we had so many newbies with us :)) FULL HOUSE!
2) Apple Pie Dessert Delights gum!
3) CHOCOLATE Yerba Mate tea!!!
4) The Bulldog ladies won tonight in both soccer and volleyball!
5) It was so much fun to cheer at the V-Ball game tonight :)))
6) Our cheer hoodies ROCK!!
7) I am excited for the Backyard Brawl on Friday!!!
8) I have a massage tomorrow, and BOY I NEED IT...
9) I am excited to try my ZUMBA dvds tomorrow morning, with the little shakers!
10)I am TOTALLY pumped for the Zumbathon on Saturday :)

Calories in =
Cottage cheese – 100 with green tabascao sauce
12 ounce FF milk, SF white choc and SF gingerbread-70
Chocolate covered espresso bean- 7

Veggie burger – 120
Carrots- 30
Laughing cow cheese-35
Peppermint patty - 30

Taco salad
Salad- 25
Green salsa- 20
Cheese1/8 cup – 55
Lean hamburger meat-3 ounces- 139
Apple Pie Dessert Delights gum- 5
Sour cream-1tbsp – 20

banana nut bread - skinny slice - 100

Calories IN = 851

Calories OUT =
ZUMBA - 573 calories


I also drank chocolate yerba mate tea, and licorice tea!! YUMMY :))

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