Sunday, October 2, 2011

HUGE!!! Or, should I say smaller?

Today I decided to buy myself two pairs of size 16 jeans! I did not try them on in the store, and the plan was to use them as motivation!!!

One pair fits, and I can wear now!!! YAHOO!!! And, to think my 20s were too tight and uncomfortable at the beginning of the summer.

The second pair I can pull up, zip and button--though this felt like a workout--, but they were ON!! I am excited for losing 10 pounds and being able to wear them comfortably :))) THAT'S SO MOTIVATING!! I have never done that before, bought myself something that I couldn't fit into. Seriously, I don't buy myself a lot anyhow, so it's hard to buy something that I can't wear right now, BUT...I think that's what makes it so motivating!!

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