Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jumproping KICKED my butt!

Today I found the perfect spot in my house that I can jumprope! I decided I would do it for 15 minutes. THAT WAS SERIOUSLY THE KISS OF DEATH...or, pretty dang close. I did go for 20+ minutes, but that was with REGULAR much needed breaks, seeing as how I kinda like to breath.

When I first started, I was lucky if I could get 20 jumps in a row. At the end of the workout I was able to jump 62 times in a row!!! I was shooting for 50, and I just went right by it. SOOOO...I have decided that my goal will be to get 100 in a row.

I was sweating like crazy!!! I can't get over what an INCREDIBLE workout it is!!! I am even feeling it right now tonight. My legs are a little sore, and my shoulders are A LOT sore!! I didn't really expect it to be much of an arm workout, HOLY FRIJOLES!!!!

I used two different exercise counters and entered my weight and then the time for jumping, which I would say was right close to 15 minutes of acutal jumping, and it said that I burned 254 calories! How about that?!?

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