Sunday, October 30, 2011

Super Saturday!!!

Yesterday was a good day :) I accomplished lots around the house :)I had a great workout, which happened to be in the late afternoon, definitely not my normal time for working out!

20 min on elliptical watching my heart rate…WANT A HRM so bad!
My average HR was 145- 150.
20-25 watts averaged for workout.
1.7 miles
Calories out= 361

After my workout I checked on heart rate information and used a HR calculator. I want a personal heart rate monitor so bad! I am still researching which one to get, but I think I am going to buy one this next week.


My resting heart rate is 69 which is in the good target range. It could be better, but only one level.

My fat burn rate is 130 -140. Whoops...I was a little high on this during my workout.

My Cardio rate is 140-150 -Right where I was at during the elliptical workout. Not sure on the treadmill.

And, finally my training rate is 150-160. All of these rates are based on your age and your resting heart rate.

Ran on the treadmill
2 minutes on 3
3 minutes on 5
1 min on 4
2 min on 6
1 min on 4
2 min on 6
1 min on 4
1 min on 7
1min on 4
1 min on 7
2 min on 3
Total = 17 minutes. I hit a mile at the 12:20 mark, and THAT was with my two minute warm-up at only 3!

In looking at a calculator online, I was able to figure out my calories out- 201
This was the breakdown:
Walking 3 mph for 4 minutes = 28
Walking 4mph for 4 minutes =33
Running 7 mph for 2 minutes = 37
Running 5 mph for 3 minutes = 40
Running 6 mph for 4 minutes = 64

Now for what I ate. I REALLY wasn't hungry, which could be from the extra food I ate the night before, I don't know.

Coffee with gingerbread creamer – 40

Lime chili almonds- 100

Acorn squash- 115- with 2 tsps of brown sugar-30, 2 tsps of maple pumpkin butter – 20 = 165
Salad – 25- homemade dressing-25 = 50
Baked BBQ chicken 1 skinless boneless breast- 284, bbq sauce- 30 = 314




I also drank 100 ounces of water! YEAH FOR ME :)

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