Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today was a lot like yesterday...CRAZY! Tomorrow will be just like it, but Saturday is ALL mine :))

Food for today...

1/4 cup oatmeal- 75
1 tbsp of maple pumpkin butter - 20
coffee- SOOOO yummy, FF milk, SF white choc and SF gingerbread!!!!! -90
chocolate espresso bean - 7

turkey patty-90
string cheese-60
peppermint patty -30
*I had brought lots of fruit to eat today, but I just wasn't hungry...

14 lime and chili almonds - 80

steak- 6 ounces- 346
bbq sauce-40
cottage cheese with green tabasco- 100
salad with croutons, bacon, honey mustard dressing- 100

Calories in = 1038

1) Over 100+ ounces, but I feel like not enough!
2) Does running around at mini-cheer camp count?

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