Sunday, October 23, 2011

A fantabulous weekend!!!!

So, I tweeted the following on Saturday:
Yesterday ROCKED!! Today is going to be a blast!!! Positive energy out to the universe coming back at me times a zillion!!!!

I kid you not! I totally believe in karma, and boy howdy I have been putting lots of positive energy into the world lately, and now it is coming back to me!!

Friday night was a blast!!! We finally won the Backyard Brawl :)) It was a fun game to be the cheer coach at, for sure!! I had only wished that my boys would have won the years they played!!

Then on Saturday I went to the Zumbathon! It was so much fun, and it was another excuse to wear my pink tutu :) Great workout with GREAT people!!! AND, I won some super cool door prizes, and at the very end...I won the big grand prize. HOLY cow!!! I got a pink Fight Like a Girl bag FILLED with goodies: gift certificate for a massage, pink blanket, pink PJ pants, flip flops, a super cool big candle, running socks with the pink ribbon on them, tea lights, lotion, fancy shampoo and conditioner, a bottle of wine from the winery right down the road from where I live, a GOLD Geneva watch, some cool ZUMBA rubber bracelets, and the most recent Martina McBride cd! I think that's all. Though not counting the other door prizes I won when we first got there!!!!

Later on Saturday, someone called us with an INCREDIBLE deal on a car!! It's an older car, 1987 Honda Accord, however, it only has 80,000 miles on it. It is immaculate! It has been kept in a garage, and only ever serviced by the Honda dealership in Wenatchee!!! I kid you not, the engine looks like someone cleaned it with a toothbrush!!!! It has air conditioning, a decent stereo, cruise control, and it's spotless. SO, we bought it :)) A friend of ours has an aunt, who had to go into assisted living, so she will not be driving anymore. And, so it's someone we know, and it was for only $1000. I SERIOUSLY could not believe our luck! We have a new family car now :) This will be so nice on our longer trips away!!

We had fun at the auction Saturday night :)) I even danced!! I LOVED, loved, LOVED, loved the band! Luc and the Lovingtons reminds me very much of Bruno Mars!!! They are from Twisp, and I cannot wait to see them again. I can't wait to download their music ASAP!

Today I spent catching up on housework, and meal prepping for the week, and grading papers! It was a day in which I accomplished TONS!

For food...

Blueberry shredded wheat-12 biscuits(mini) – 90
Milk less than 1/8 of a cup(didn’t drink extra)-20
12 ounce coffee- ff, sf white choc, sf coconut – 70
Chocolate covered espresso bean -7

String cheese- 60
Trail mix- 130
Coffee-12 ounces iced, FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread- 60 (less because of the ice!!)
Chocolate covered espresso bean -7
Peppermint patty – 30

Smoked salmon – 100
Total =454 before team dinner

Chocolate safeway cookie
6 mini-bbq meatballs
Macaroni and cheese- maybe a cup
lasagna- one serving
French fries (baked at home, leftovers, maybe 8) with ketchup

Not sure on the total for eating????

Calories in -
12 ounce coffee- FF SF white choc SF hazelnut - 60
Cottage cheese-1/2 cup – 100 with green Tabasco sauce
16 ounce iced coffee FF, SF white choc SF coconut- 70
Chocolate covered espresso bean- 7
Peppermint patty – 30
Total for the day before the auction=267

We ate at the auction!!
Thankfully portions are small…
Piece of sushi from Maki Sushi!! YUMMY
Slice of prime rib – OMGawsh
One BBQ rib
Piece of bread with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes
Piece of bread with piece of steak, caramelized onion, gorgonzola cheese
Small (like ½ of their already small portion) pasta with sauce,
Slider (didn’t eat bun)- meat, lettuce, tomato
Homemade potato chips
Bite-size hello dolly from Sweet River Bakery in Pateros
Small slice of chocolate cake

Drank 80 ounces of water at the auction, no alcohol!
Cup of BLUESTAR coffee with creamer

No idea on the total for the calories??

I did dance at the auction! And, I did do Zumba in the morning at the Zumbathon!!! (at least 700 calories for the day)

Calories in -
Coffee with gingerbread creamer-40
Trail mix – 130
Tuna fish with light miracle whip- no bread- 70
salsa - 40
2 rice cakes- 70

chicken- 3 ounces, baked with tomatoes, basil, garlic - 275
1/2 a red potato- 70
1 tbsp of sour cream- 20
1/2 apple - 40

Total - 755

Calories out - 750!!
Net calories = 55

Sunday workout:
ZUMBA – 50 minutes video - 500
Jumprope- 15 minutes! 250

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