Saturday, October 29, 2011


Friday was 9.5!!
What a fun day :)

I love HOMECOMING!!! We had a fabulous assembly, and my cheer squad rocked their hip hop dance both at that and half-time at the game. We kicked bootie at the game, and it was senior night--a bit emotional for me, bittersweet. I have three kiddos who are seniors!

It's so funny because I keep looking at each week, thinking to myself, "Oh next week will not be so crazy!" WRONG...each week seems as busy or even busier than the week prior! ZOIKS!

So, yesterday's eating...I am OK with the calories, and I don't really know why I ate THREE soft tacos, but I did. However, I feel like I paid for it later. Since I have been eating so well for so long, I had ICKY tummy later in the night :(

oatmeal- 75
maple butter- 20
coffee- 70
coffee bean- 7

pumpkin coffee at school - 200
peppermint patty - 30
cheese- 60
fish - 189
cuccumber 1/2 cup - 8

3 soft beef tacos- 570
2 chocolate brownie cupcakes with mini-reeses pb cups (1 mini cup in each) - 88 for 2 pb cups, 180 for each cupcake or 360
fruit salad- just fruit and whip cream - bananas, strawberries, manderin oranges- 100

CALORIES IN- 1777 - Most calories I have eaten in a LONG time!

Calories OUT- nothing extra...though I had a running around all day for the assembly, senior night, and the game!

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