Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday and Saturday!

That's right, two for the price of one :) Yesterday was, as usual, BUSY! It's game night, and we travelled to Cashmere, which I always enjoy seeing so many people for whom I care so deeply!! But, it also makes for a LONG night...we didn't get home until after midnight.

This writing everything down is REALLY making a difference for me!!! I am finishing up my third week of logging everything, and I can't wait to see where I am with it after 6 weeks!!! I know I can do it :)

So, here's my eating for Friday! Before I went to Wenatchee, I looked at the Wendy's site, because I knew I wanted a frosty! They have an awesome meal planner!!! I thought about having a small cheeseburger, but when I saw it had OUTRAGEOUS calories for just a baby cheeseburger, I decided I truly didn't want it, and if it was about being hungry, I would just eat a salad with my yummy frosty!!

In the end, I decided to also have a small fry, which I like to dip in my frosty, odd I know. But, I knew ahead of time what I wanted and how many calories things were on the menu :))

cottage cheese - 100
coffee- SF butterscotch, SF white choc, FF milk -90
chocolate covered coffee bean- 7
peppermint patty - 30

veggie burger - 120
grapes- 100
tomatoes - 35 *yummy tomatoes from my friend's garden that I marinated in 1 tbsp of honey mustard over night. PERFECT!

4 pretzel thins- 25
couple of spoons of cottage cheese(with loaded on my pretzels- 25
1 small piece of smoked salmon - 30

string cheese - 60
jr. frosty - 170
small french fries - 230

TOTAL = 1022

coffee with gingerbread creamer - 30
cottage cheese- 100

salad -25
bacon- 1 tbsp - 25
croutons- 25
homemade dressing- honey mustard,spices, green Tabasco sauce, water - 25
pear- 96

7 lime and chili almonds - 42
1 small piece of smoked salmon - 30

steak- 8 ounces- t-bone - 448-not sure, might have been less, but definitely was not more!
corn (55) with sour cream, lime (20) - 70
salad lots of veggies no croutons! - 30
homemade dressing - 25

yummy apple salad I made!! golden delicious apples cut up, light whip cream, and SF FF butterscotch Jello pudding mix, everything all stirred up with nutmeg added on top :) - not sure how much on calories...apples are 82 each, 20 calories for 2 tbsps of the light cool whip, and 25 calories for 1/4 of the box of pudding mix. I definitely did not a fourth of the batch...Plus, I don't even know how many tbsps of cool whip that is total. I am going to say 100 calories for my serving, though I don't think it was that high :)

Total = 1071

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