Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday stroll, storage, and stew

Today was another good day :) I had a SUPER awesome walk, again later in the day! My walk today was wonderful. Just the right temp, and so beautiful with all the colors of Autumn. Walking up the hill was the easiest it has ever been!! How cool is that?

So some awesome news...I went to storage today and grabbed a tub of size 16 pants, and I can wear a couple of pairs!! YEAH!! They are still a little snug, but they are on and zipped. I am soooo excited for this next 10 pounds :)

I did have my picture in last week's paper (TWICE), which I was kinda bummed because I felt like I didn't look like what I think I look like!! I have done so much hard work, and it didn't feel like it was shown in those pics. I can't wait for the day when I LOVE having my pic taken!!!

Calories in...
Coffee with gingerbread creamer – 40
Cranberry walnut orchard bar- 180
Ground Pork stew – 437
Cornbread – 220

Net calories = 427

Made yummy crockpot stew!!
Pork sausage stew- 2 ounces – 115 calories
White beans- 110 for a cup
Carrots – 52 for one cup
Potatoes – 100
Tomatoes- - 35 for 1 cup
Lipton beef and onion soup mix- 25 for 1 serving
Lots of other spices
437 calories = for almost 4 cups

100 ounces of water, YEAH!! That’s two days in a row!

Exercise= 450
Walking 4 mph
3 miles Robinson Canyon

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