Tuesday, October 25, 2011

blah, blah

Today was a roller coaster.
I hurt. I have a couple of ribs out :(

I did Zumba, which I love, but I didn't feel like I was doing it 100% to my best abilities. I still had fun, and it was such a stress reliever, much needed! I definitely still got my sweat on!

I felt fat today. First day in a long time that I felt that way. Maybe I am just bloated, or maybe it's all the pain. I dunno. I was wearing a pair of pants that were FALLING down all day, so I know that in my mind I am not fat.

Calories in=
cottage cheese, 1/2 cup-100
coffee,FF milk, SF white choc SF coconut- 70
chocolate coffee espresso bean - 7

peppermint patty - 30
veggie burger -120
string cheese - 60
banana- 105

meat - 164
refried beans - 50
cheese - 80
tortilla - 70
lettuce- 25
green tabasco -5
sour cream-20

cranberry juice(light)- 80- trying to deal with a bladder infection.

total calories - 986

Calories out-
Zumba-400 *not the same intensity as normal since I hurt.

NET = 586

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