Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday! Holy smokes!! Where did this week go?

I am obsessed with calculators!!

I really like this one for exercise!!

Calories in =
cottage cheese- 100
coffee- FF and SF butterscotch and FF white chocolate- 90
chocolate covered coffee bean-7

pumpkin latte with ff milk (at school) - 200

veggie burger- 120
string cheese- 60
7 almonds- 40

Homemade sloppy joes :)
Bbq sauce- 40
Spicy pork sausage – ground sausage- 180 2 ounces
1/2 bun Hawaiian – 110 - I just ate it as an open faced sandwich, so I only needed have the bread!!!

Salad - 25
Homemade honey mustard dressing- 20
Tomatoes-fresh and soooo yummy from my friend’s garden!!! 22

I did make Rick onion rings, because he loves them, and I totally planned on eating a few until I saw the calories...
Onion rings – 220 for 4?? No thank you!!!!

Calories in =1180

Calories out = 174
Walked a mile with my step-daughter at the jog-a-thon, but we did jog one lap :))


I do need to drink more water. I am only drinking about 60 ounces a day, but I have also been drinking tea!

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