Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food for the weekend...

I survived this crazy weekend!!! I didn't keep the best track of calories on Friday night, mostly because I wasn't sure how on calories for a few things I ate, BUT, I did watch portions!!!

cottage cheese – 100 -1/2 cup
coffee- SF white choc, SF coconut, FF milk – 90
pumpkin latte FF milk, not sure on this, I get it at school, and they have now told me how many calories yet – 150
coffee bean -7
peppermint patty-30
veggie burger- 120
starbucks – 110
*chicken noodle cheese casserole (good carb load for run) not sure on calories
*chicken enchilada- 1 enchilada
*2 chips with cheese bean dip
Grapes- 50
1 cookie- 75
Total – 842 for sure. Guessing around 1600.

FRS energy drink 25
bananas x 2 -220
1 Starbucks double shot- 110

1 Starbucks - 110
banana -110

hard-boiled egg- 78
smoked salmon- 99

chuck eye boneless steak- 6 ounces- 300
½ potato-1 tbsp of sour cream- 50+30=80
corn-lime, salt, 1 tbsp of sour cream- 44+30= 74

NET = 639

3K = 439
Walked 1 mile= 128 (warm-up and cool down)
Move cheer boxes- very heavy- worked up a sweat! Not counting the calories, but it was a weightlifting experience!!

Does pushing around my excessively full cart count?
I did find out this about grocery shopping...Seriously – 180 calories per hour (and, it was 2 hours of shopping, another hour of putting away) So, it was probably 300 calories!! And, my cart was FULL...they had to get me a second cart at checkout, LOL!

Starbucks Pumpkin pie latte – FF milk no whip cream-260- I was able to look this up online, and check out exactly how many calories with my specifications (FF milk and no whip), pretty cool and handy dandy tool.

String cheese- 60
Smoked salmon-99
Corn on the cob= 44
½ cup of grapes-30
Orchard bar - 180

Cottage cheese green salsa- 125

Crazy dinner...I ate at 9 p.m. I tried Stephanie's recipe :) YUMMY. I wasn't hungry, and not feeling good (icky yucky cramps--first day of TOM). This was the perfect feel good, warm treat!

1/2 cup of oatmeal- 150
1/2 cup of pumpkin-40
tsp of Splenda

Total = 988

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