Monday, October 31, 2011


Today's weigh-in ROCKED my socks off!!!

Last week 209.8
Today = 207.8
I realized that Oct. 3rd I weighed in at 215, so that's a loss of 7.2 pounds for the month, and I will take it! I am so motivated to lose 8 pounds in November and BE UNDER 200 FOR THE FIRST TIME IN I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER HOW LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mid-June I weighed in at 244, so that's 36.2 pounds!!!!

This morning I went to the gym at 5:30, and I jogged a 12-minute mile! That is the fastest I have ever done!! I am so freaking proud of myself. My goals are to run at 10 mph for 30 seconds THIS Wednesday! Then I would like to start concentrating on jogging two miles at a time. I end up going about 1.5 miles, as the last 8 minutes, I do more of a cool down. I have a plan :)

I feeling pretty dang motivated right now! Can you tell?

I was all hyped up all morning, which I am guessing was my endorphins kicked on and dancing! Anyhoot, I feel GOOD today :)

I did eat sweets. I did write them all down (left my card at school, so I will have to blog it all tomorrow). I paid attention to portions, TINY portions, and I also ate some very healthy food. I did not eat a lunch, since I grazed most of the day. I also am not planning on eating a dinner for the same reason. PLUS, we are going trick-or-treating, so that will be some more walking and trying to keep warm!

Tomorrow is Zumba! YEAH!

And, I have already drank 100 ounces, but I do plan to drink more this evening :) Good thing I know lots of people on our candy route, in case I need to borrow a bathroom! Hope your Halloween was happy like mine :)

Checked in lately?

Have you read the Challenge Blog lately? Lots of updates :))

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I think I found it!

I have done TONS of research for a couple of weeks now, looking for a heart rate monitor!! I have read tons of reviews, and I have finally figured out which one I am going to order this week!!!

You can see it here, and it's on sale! GOTTA love that :)

So, with that I have been reading a lot about target heart rate working out, fat burn, cardio, etc! To be honest, I am really interested in the calorie function of the watch more than anything!!

However, in learning about the heart rate monitor and target heart rate for working out and burning fat, I ran into some interesting articles on the afterburn of working out, which is the excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Fascinating!!!

I am excited to take my healthy living to the next level!

Sunday stroll, storage, and stew

Today was another good day :) I had a SUPER awesome walk, again later in the day! My walk today was wonderful. Just the right temp, and so beautiful with all the colors of Autumn. Walking up the hill was the easiest it has ever been!! How cool is that?

So some awesome news...I went to storage today and grabbed a tub of size 16 pants, and I can wear a couple of pairs!! YEAH!! They are still a little snug, but they are on and zipped. I am soooo excited for this next 10 pounds :)

I did have my picture in last week's paper (TWICE), which I was kinda bummed because I felt like I didn't look like what I think I look like!! I have done so much hard work, and it didn't feel like it was shown in those pics. I can't wait for the day when I LOVE having my pic taken!!!

Calories in...
Coffee with gingerbread creamer – 40
Cranberry walnut orchard bar- 180
Ground Pork stew – 437
Cornbread – 220

Net calories = 427

Made yummy crockpot stew!!
Pork sausage stew- 2 ounces – 115 calories
White beans- 110 for a cup
Carrots – 52 for one cup
Potatoes – 100
Tomatoes- - 35 for 1 cup
Lipton beef and onion soup mix- 25 for 1 serving
Lots of other spices
437 calories = for almost 4 cups

100 ounces of water, YEAH!! That’s two days in a row!

Exercise= 450
Walking 4 mph
3 miles Robinson Canyon

Feeling strong and focused!

I have been thinking a lot about my goals!! I am so proud of where I am right now in comparison to the beginning of the summer!! I started the weight loss challenge in mid-July, and I am still at it!! I don't normally follow-through with any weight-related stuff for more than maybe six weeks. So, I really feel like this life changing for me :)

My goals for the winter...From November 1st - March 1st (4 months), I want to lose 30 pounds. I know this is possible! That would mean in Spring, I would emerge as the pretty butterfly I really am on the inside!!

Starting November 1st, I want to work out at least 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes. I also feel that this is doable, even with my hectic busy schedule :) MAKING time for me!

I also want to ski some this year! I have my own cross-country gear, and I could ski out in our field (I did that several winters ago!). I love to downhill as well, and the tubing hill at the Loop is DEFINITELY a fun workout :)

The first weekend of December is the half-marathon in Vegas that I am going to do! I am excited and nervous!! And, so November will be focused on training for that. My goal is to finish in 3 hours and 30 minutes!! That is approximately 15:40/mile. I know I can walk that, if I have to, but my hope is to jog and walk it!

Another gi-normous goal for me is to continue to lose weight during Hallogivingmas!! Still enjoy all I want, but pay attention to portions, write everything down, and TRULY decide if I want whatever it is that I think I want. As well, I am learning that I can plan ahead. I can have extra workouts to compensate for those times where I will eat extra calories.

Super Saturday!!!

Yesterday was a good day :) I accomplished lots around the house :)I had a great workout, which happened to be in the late afternoon, definitely not my normal time for working out!

20 min on elliptical watching my heart rate…WANT A HRM so bad!
My average HR was 145- 150.
20-25 watts averaged for workout.
1.7 miles
Calories out= 361

After my workout I checked on heart rate information and used a HR calculator. I want a personal heart rate monitor so bad! I am still researching which one to get, but I think I am going to buy one this next week.


My resting heart rate is 69 which is in the good target range. It could be better, but only one level.

My fat burn rate is 130 -140. Whoops...I was a little high on this during my workout.

My Cardio rate is 140-150 -Right where I was at during the elliptical workout. Not sure on the treadmill.

And, finally my training rate is 150-160. All of these rates are based on your age and your resting heart rate.

Ran on the treadmill
2 minutes on 3
3 minutes on 5
1 min on 4
2 min on 6
1 min on 4
2 min on 6
1 min on 4
1 min on 7
1min on 4
1 min on 7
2 min on 3
Total = 17 minutes. I hit a mile at the 12:20 mark, and THAT was with my two minute warm-up at only 3!

In looking at a calculator online, I was able to figure out my calories out- 201
This was the breakdown:
Walking 3 mph for 4 minutes = 28
Walking 4mph for 4 minutes =33
Running 7 mph for 2 minutes = 37
Running 5 mph for 3 minutes = 40
Running 6 mph for 4 minutes = 64

Now for what I ate. I REALLY wasn't hungry, which could be from the extra food I ate the night before, I don't know.

Coffee with gingerbread creamer – 40

Lime chili almonds- 100

Acorn squash- 115- with 2 tsps of brown sugar-30, 2 tsps of maple pumpkin butter – 20 = 165
Salad – 25- homemade dressing-25 = 50
Baked BBQ chicken 1 skinless boneless breast- 284, bbq sauce- 30 = 314




I also drank 100 ounces of water! YEAH FOR ME :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Goal for this week...5 sticky notes!

This week I am going to put five sticky notes in random and completely unexpected places.


I challenge you to do this, too!!!


Friday was 9.5!!
What a fun day :)

I love HOMECOMING!!! We had a fabulous assembly, and my cheer squad rocked their hip hop dance both at that and half-time at the game. We kicked bootie at the game, and it was senior night--a bit emotional for me, bittersweet. I have three kiddos who are seniors!

It's so funny because I keep looking at each week, thinking to myself, "Oh next week will not be so crazy!" WRONG...each week seems as busy or even busier than the week prior! ZOIKS!

So, yesterday's eating...I am OK with the calories, and I don't really know why I ate THREE soft tacos, but I did. However, I feel like I paid for it later. Since I have been eating so well for so long, I had ICKY tummy later in the night :(

oatmeal- 75
maple butter- 20
coffee- 70
coffee bean- 7

pumpkin coffee at school - 200
peppermint patty - 30
cheese- 60
fish - 189
cuccumber 1/2 cup - 8

3 soft beef tacos- 570
2 chocolate brownie cupcakes with mini-reeses pb cups (1 mini cup in each) - 88 for 2 pb cups, 180 for each cupcake or 360
fruit salad- just fruit and whip cream - bananas, strawberries, manderin oranges- 100

CALORIES IN- 1777 - Most calories I have eaten in a LONG time!

Calories OUT- nothing extra...though I had a running around all day for the assembly, senior night, and the game!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fishy day!

Today was good :) Probably a 8.75!

Would have been a higher number if I wasn't so sore :(

It was Ugly Sweater Day, and to be honest...I felt UGLY, LOL! I didn't like going anywhere and that people might not know and think I was for real wearing the sweater!! LOL

Another fish day! I do LOVE fish :)) And, it's so healthy and easy to make!!

Cottage cheese- ½ cup - 100
Coffee-FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread-70
Chocolate covered espresso bean – 7
Peppermint patty - 30
String cheese - 60
Tuna ¼ cup-60
With miracle whip -20
2 rice cakes-70
Apple- 95
STARVING when we got home
Ate a ½ cup of leftover spaghetti- 100
Fish- 189
Red potato - 75
Sour c ream - 20
Salad – 25
Dressing- 20

Such a delightful evening snack...
Hot chocolate – 20
Pumpkin marshmallows – 25

Calories in =986
Calories out= nothing extra today.

I NEED need NEED to drink more water! I was doing lots, and then I get sidetracked, and don't drink enough :(

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Better day!

Today was the best day of the week!! I had fun all dressed in black (including lipstick and nail polish), and WILD hair :) Today's dress-up was color day, and the staff color is black!

I did scoot over for a chiro appointment right after school, and although I am VERY sore right now, I know tomorrow will be better!! Ribs were back out :( BUT, they are back in now! Ice and heat, ice and heat, ice and heat!

I had fun today at the Goofy Games and then tonight at the Powder Puff football and Macho volleyball! Does shivering and freezing my patootie off count for burnign calories?!?!

Calories in =
Cottage cheese- ½ cup - 100
Coffee-FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread-70
Chocolate covered espresso bean – 7

Peppermint patty - 30
String cheese - 60
Shrimp – 77
Pear- 96

rice cake – 35
green salsa- 15

diet hot chocolate- 20
3 pumpkin spice marshmallows – 25

Spaghetti sauce = 75 calories for3/4 cup
Meat- 100
Noodles- 210
Parmesan cheese- 20
Salad- 25
Croutons- 20
Honey mustard dressing – 20

Calories= 1005

Calories out- nothing extra today.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

blah, blah

Today was a roller coaster.
I hurt. I have a couple of ribs out :(

I did Zumba, which I love, but I didn't feel like I was doing it 100% to my best abilities. I still had fun, and it was such a stress reliever, much needed! I definitely still got my sweat on!

I felt fat today. First day in a long time that I felt that way. Maybe I am just bloated, or maybe it's all the pain. I dunno. I was wearing a pair of pants that were FALLING down all day, so I know that in my mind I am not fat.

Calories in=
cottage cheese, 1/2 cup-100
coffee,FF milk, SF white choc SF coconut- 70
chocolate coffee espresso bean - 7

peppermint patty - 30
veggie burger -120
string cheese - 60
banana- 105

meat - 164
refried beans - 50
cheese - 80
tortilla - 70
lettuce- 25
green tabasco -5
sour cream-20

cranberry juice(light)- 80- trying to deal with a bladder infection.

total calories - 986

Calories out-
Zumba-400 *not the same intensity as normal since I hurt.

NET = 586

Monday, October 24, 2011

Today was a LONG day!

Today was a long day :( I would rate it a 7.5 out of 10, which for me is low, since I am normally at least an 8, but usually a 9 on the positive energy scale!!

Anyhoot, it's almost over...and, tomorrow is ZUMBA!

Calories in-
Oatmeal- 75
Maple pumpkin butter - 20
Coffee-FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread-70
Chocolate covered espresso bean – 7
Peppermint patty - 30
Cheese - 60
Turkey burger – 80
Apple - 80 (small)
Plum - 30
Chocolate yerba mate - 4
Apple - 95
1 red potato- 161
sour cream - 40
bbq sauce- 40
Carrots 1/2 cup - 25
Piece of roast (3 ounces)- 175

Total =992

Calories out- 100
Walking today for the Domestic Violence Awareness March

Net= 892

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living LIFE and loving it!! This ain't no diet for me!

I love jumproping! I did so much better today :)) I was able to start right off and do 50 jumps in a row!! What an improvement! It makes me want to jumprope every day!!! I took far less breaks this time, and I just enjoyed it more, and I was very sweaty!!

Plus I did ZUMBA twice this weekend! Once with a live instructor, and today with the DVD. I did the cardio party for 50 minutes! I definitely enjoy ZUMBA live more, but the DVD was fun, too!

I love that this weekend, I just lived my normal life, and I made plans for each food event I knew I was going to face! I felt in control for sure, but I still got to eat WHAT I WANTED :)))

I look forward to tomorrow's weigh-in!!!!

A fantabulous weekend!!!!

So, I tweeted the following on Saturday:
Yesterday ROCKED!! Today is going to be a blast!!! Positive energy out to the universe coming back at me times a zillion!!!!

I kid you not! I totally believe in karma, and boy howdy I have been putting lots of positive energy into the world lately, and now it is coming back to me!!

Friday night was a blast!!! We finally won the Backyard Brawl :)) It was a fun game to be the cheer coach at, for sure!! I had only wished that my boys would have won the years they played!!

Then on Saturday I went to the Zumbathon! It was so much fun, and it was another excuse to wear my pink tutu :) Great workout with GREAT people!!! AND, I won some super cool door prizes, and at the very end...I won the big grand prize. HOLY cow!!! I got a pink Fight Like a Girl bag FILLED with goodies: gift certificate for a massage, pink blanket, pink PJ pants, flip flops, a super cool big candle, running socks with the pink ribbon on them, tea lights, lotion, fancy shampoo and conditioner, a bottle of wine from the winery right down the road from where I live, a GOLD Geneva watch, some cool ZUMBA rubber bracelets, and the most recent Martina McBride cd! I think that's all. Though not counting the other door prizes I won when we first got there!!!!

Later on Saturday, someone called us with an INCREDIBLE deal on a car!! It's an older car, 1987 Honda Accord, however, it only has 80,000 miles on it. It is immaculate! It has been kept in a garage, and only ever serviced by the Honda dealership in Wenatchee!!! I kid you not, the engine looks like someone cleaned it with a toothbrush!!!! It has air conditioning, a decent stereo, cruise control, and it's spotless. SO, we bought it :)) A friend of ours has an aunt, who had to go into assisted living, so she will not be driving anymore. And, so it's someone we know, and it was for only $1000. I SERIOUSLY could not believe our luck! We have a new family car now :) This will be so nice on our longer trips away!!

We had fun at the auction Saturday night :)) I even danced!! I LOVED, loved, LOVED, loved the band! Luc and the Lovingtons reminds me very much of Bruno Mars!!! They are from Twisp, and I cannot wait to see them again. I can't wait to download their music ASAP!

Today I spent catching up on housework, and meal prepping for the week, and grading papers! It was a day in which I accomplished TONS!

For food...

Blueberry shredded wheat-12 biscuits(mini) – 90
Milk less than 1/8 of a cup(didn’t drink extra)-20
12 ounce coffee- ff, sf white choc, sf coconut – 70
Chocolate covered espresso bean -7

String cheese- 60
Trail mix- 130
Coffee-12 ounces iced, FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread- 60 (less because of the ice!!)
Chocolate covered espresso bean -7
Peppermint patty – 30

Smoked salmon – 100
Total =454 before team dinner

Chocolate safeway cookie
6 mini-bbq meatballs
Macaroni and cheese- maybe a cup
lasagna- one serving
French fries (baked at home, leftovers, maybe 8) with ketchup

Not sure on the total for eating????

Calories in -
12 ounce coffee- FF SF white choc SF hazelnut - 60
Cottage cheese-1/2 cup – 100 with green Tabasco sauce
16 ounce iced coffee FF, SF white choc SF coconut- 70
Chocolate covered espresso bean- 7
Peppermint patty – 30
Total for the day before the auction=267

We ate at the auction!!
Thankfully portions are small…
Piece of sushi from Maki Sushi!! YUMMY
Slice of prime rib – OMGawsh
One BBQ rib
Piece of bread with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes
Piece of bread with piece of steak, caramelized onion, gorgonzola cheese
Small (like ½ of their already small portion) pasta with sauce,
Slider (didn’t eat bun)- meat, lettuce, tomato
Homemade potato chips
Bite-size hello dolly from Sweet River Bakery in Pateros
Small slice of chocolate cake

Drank 80 ounces of water at the auction, no alcohol!
Cup of BLUESTAR coffee with creamer

No idea on the total for the calories??

I did dance at the auction! And, I did do Zumba in the morning at the Zumbathon!!! (at least 700 calories for the day)

Calories in -
Coffee with gingerbread creamer-40
Trail mix – 130
Tuna fish with light miracle whip- no bread- 70
salsa - 40
2 rice cakes- 70

chicken- 3 ounces, baked with tomatoes, basil, garlic - 275
1/2 a red potato- 70
1 tbsp of sour cream- 20
1/2 apple - 40

Total - 755

Calories out - 750!!
Net calories = 55

Sunday workout:
ZUMBA – 50 minutes video - 500
Jumprope- 15 minutes! 250

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Compliments keep coming !!

Apparently today was a seafood day!! LOL!! I had YUMMY seared ahi tuna at Campbell's for lunch. It comes with tortillas, but I didn't eat those! OH my gosh, it was so absolutely tender. Then for dinner we had shrimp--one of my favorites--and salmon.

I had a meeting in Chelan today. I couldn't decide if I wanted to get up at normal time and workout or if I wanted to sleep in. I decided that I would grab an extra hour of sleep, and it was delightful, and much needed!

I had some really GREAT things happen today :) First, I hadn't seen the people at the meeting I went to today since last May!! Several of them commented on my weight loss :))) YEAH! Then, I went to the chiropractor, and I hadn't seen her since June, and she said the same thing!!! YEAH, YEAH!!! I love it!

Last night I went for my massage, and it was perfect! I have been really sore in my rib and hip area, and I thought the ribs were probably related to the jumprope workout I did on Sunday. My massage therapist said that I had some ribs out, and I should go to my chiropractor. So, I did go today, and sure enough I had ribs out, and my hips were out, too!! It was one of the most intense chiro appointments I have EVER had! I could feel just how out I was! Glad I went. I did buy some bio-freeze, too, which I LOVE!!

What I ate today:
String cheese- 60
12 ounce coffee- ff, sf white choc, sf gingerbread – 70
Chocolate covered espresso bean -7
Apple- 95
Chocolate yerba mate tea- 4

Seared Ahi tuna - 150
Cabbage salsa- 40

Potato - 161
1 tbsp of sour cream – 20
Salmon – 100
Shrimp – 140
Salad- 25
Homemade dressing: 1 tbsp of sour cream, green Tabasco sauce, water- 20--so yummy and delicious and tasty.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Long day!

Today felt like a lot of running, and a LONG day! Thankfully it ended with a massage :)))

Calories in...
9 blueberry shredded wheats- 90
milk (less than 1/8 of a cup) - 20 (I didn't drink any of it, just what was soaked in the cereal.)
I heated it up in the microwave.YUMMY :)

coffee- FF and SF butterscotch, SF gingerbread - 12 ounce - 70
chocolate covered espresso bean - 7

peppermint patty - 30
turkey burger - 90
string cheese- 60

shrimp with lime juice 3 ounces- 77
chicken breast- 1 cup - 258

11 pretzel chips- 110
green salsa- 30
rice cake-35

TOTAL = 873

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

CRAZY article!


If you are interested, you can also read more at his blog!!!

Oh, Tuesday, HOW I LOVE YOU!!

Today was a fantabulous day!!! It just was :)

Some things I love:
1) ZUMBA!!! Today's class was so much fun because we had so many newbies with us :)) FULL HOUSE!
2) Apple Pie Dessert Delights gum!
3) CHOCOLATE Yerba Mate tea!!!
4) The Bulldog ladies won tonight in both soccer and volleyball!
5) It was so much fun to cheer at the V-Ball game tonight :)))
6) Our cheer hoodies ROCK!!
7) I am excited for the Backyard Brawl on Friday!!!
8) I have a massage tomorrow, and BOY I NEED IT...
9) I am excited to try my ZUMBA dvds tomorrow morning, with the little shakers!
10)I am TOTALLY pumped for the Zumbathon on Saturday :)

Calories in =
Cottage cheese – 100 with green tabascao sauce
12 ounce FF milk, SF white choc and SF gingerbread-70
Chocolate covered espresso bean- 7

Veggie burger – 120
Carrots- 30
Laughing cow cheese-35
Peppermint patty - 30

Taco salad
Salad- 25
Green salsa- 20
Cheese1/8 cup – 55
Lean hamburger meat-3 ounces- 139
Apple Pie Dessert Delights gum- 5
Sour cream-1tbsp – 20

banana nut bread - skinny slice - 100

Calories IN = 851

Calories OUT =
ZUMBA - 573 calories


I also drank chocolate yerba mate tea, and licorice tea!! YUMMY :))

Monday, October 17, 2011

Another loss!!

Down another pound! WOO HOO :)

Weigh-in time:
I weigh 211.8, so down 1 pound from last week! I so want to work hard this week and drop 2 full pounds.

How about the bigger picture?
244 at the beginning of summer which equals 32.2 pounds lost in four months or 13.2% :))

It's really all about writing everything down!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I love that I can see a difference :)))

The first pic was mid-June, second pic July 13th, and the last pic TODAY :)

Jumproping KICKED my butt!

Today I found the perfect spot in my house that I can jumprope! I decided I would do it for 15 minutes. THAT WAS SERIOUSLY THE KISS OF DEATH...or, pretty dang close. I did go for 20+ minutes, but that was with REGULAR much needed breaks, seeing as how I kinda like to breath.

When I first started, I was lucky if I could get 20 jumps in a row. At the end of the workout I was able to jump 62 times in a row!!! I was shooting for 50, and I just went right by it. SOOOO...I have decided that my goal will be to get 100 in a row.

I was sweating like crazy!!! I can't get over what an INCREDIBLE workout it is!!! I am even feeling it right now tonight. My legs are a little sore, and my shoulders are A LOT sore!! I didn't really expect it to be much of an arm workout, HOLY FRIJOLES!!!!

I used two different exercise counters and entered my weight and then the time for jumping, which I would say was right close to 15 minutes of acutal jumping, and it said that I burned 254 calories! How about that?!?


Though I did not post since Thursday, I have been writing everything down that I am eating!!! BOY, what a busy, but good, couple of days. Overall, I have done well :)

I am totally on it for my food. I am not afraid to eat something I want to eat pizza, cupcakes, and even a candy bar! I just write it down. NO GUILT. No sneaking. Just the truth about what's going in my mouth! It makes me feel so strong and in control!

I also realized that 12 ounces of a latte is plenty for me, and it is cheaper and less calories than 16!! WOO HOO!

Cottage cheese – 100
Coffee- FF, SF white choc, SF gingerbread 90
Coffee bean - 7
Coffee – pumpkin latte - 200
Tomato basil veggie burger-120
Peppermint patty -30
String cheese- 60
almonds- 170
1 piece (skinny piece) of cheese pizza from Hometown - 300??
2 chocolate chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow on top - 200 each-400?

TOTAL= 1617
No specific exercise, but trust me I was running, running, running, from here to there and everywhere in between for our mini-cheer camp!

Coffee with gingerbread creamer - 40

Snickers 230

Grilled chicken(1 cup) salad - 250
Homemade French dressing- 40
Sweet potato fries-150

Hot chocolate – 50
Pumpkin marshmallows-50

Salsa - 30
Pretzel chips- 110

Calories in =890

Calories out= 146 calories per hour of driving my motorcycle x 6 hours (and, I know it was more calories than that because there were a couple of places that I was COLD, especially going up Sherman Pass--there was snow on the ground!)= 876

NET Calories = 14

12 ounce pumpkin latte Starbucks FF, 200
¼ cup orchard trail mix- 130

Pretzel chips-110
Salsa- 30

Smoked salmon – 100

Banana bread (homemade)- not really sure on this. I made enough batter to make 3 loaves. I had two slices off of one of the loaves. 200 calories?
Pumpkin butter - 20

Hillshire chicken, apple, Gouda sausage - burned up the package before I looked at the calories, but I know it's under 200 calories. I couldn't find it online--too new of a product. So, I am going to go with 180.
Hot dog bun-100
Honey mustard- 20

6 pumpkin marshmallows- 50

Calories IN= 1140

Calories OUT =
Exercise=254 for 15 minutes - jumproping!!!! I just about died.

Net calories = 886

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Today was a lot like yesterday...CRAZY! Tomorrow will be just like it, but Saturday is ALL mine :))

Food for today...

1/4 cup oatmeal- 75
1 tbsp of maple pumpkin butter - 20
coffee- SOOOO yummy, FF milk, SF white choc and SF gingerbread!!!!! -90
chocolate espresso bean - 7

turkey patty-90
string cheese-60
peppermint patty -30
*I had brought lots of fruit to eat today, but I just wasn't hungry...

14 lime and chili almonds - 80

steak- 6 ounces- 346
bbq sauce-40
cottage cheese with green tabasco- 100
salad with croutons, bacon, honey mustard dressing- 100

Calories in = 1038

1) Over 100+ ounces, but I feel like not enough!
2) Does running around at mini-cheer camp count?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WILD Wednesday!!

And, I mean WILD! Just listing my day makes me feel languid--that was today's word of the day, btw :)

It all started with a meeting at 7 a.m., so I was out of the house by 6:30. Then when that meeting was over, I ran to a second meeting for our drama club...excited for that to start up, too!

I taught all day, and it was one of those busy teaching days. GO, go, GO!!

At lunch on Wednesdays I run a book group with accelerated 8th graders. We are reading Lord of the Flies right now! INTENSE :)

Towards the end of the day, I had to prepare for mini-cheer camp and also my sub, who was covering, so I could leave early to go to the elementary school.

OH boy! I LOVE mini-cheer camp!! It's so much fun watching the little girls!! They are SO into cheering :))) Lots of laughs, smiles, and concentration. It's so rewarding!! And, to think, it won't be long, and I will have some of these kids on my high school squad!

Dinner is done. Thank goodness for my crockpot! And, now we are gearing up for homework and bedtime routine.

So someone asked me if I get bored with what I eat since it's often the same. I do think we are all creatures of habit :) Myself included. Right now I am eating what I like, and what I want to eat! It is working. I am also eating very healthy and with lots of fruits, veggies, dairy and protein! I do make little switches here and there, like from a veggie burger to a turkey burger or cottage cheese to oatmeal. And, if you look through the days, I am not afraid to eat bad stuff...I just am mostly choosing to NOT!

Calories in=
cottage cheese with green Tabasco sauce- 100
coffee- 90
espresso bean - 7
peppermint patty -30

string cheese- 60
turkey morning star- 90

fruit snacks- 2 @ 50=100

potato- half of one- 80
carrot- 5 baby ones - 15
roast- 5 ounces - 300
pear- 100* these are so perfectly delicious :) My friend brought us a box from her orchard!!

yerba matte chocolate tea...YUMMY!

TOTAL calories in = 1050

1) Drank over 100 ounces of water.
2) Did not exercise :( I wish I had lunch longer than 30 minutes! As well, today I ate with kids. I know that I NEED to do the workout in the morning, or it's just not going to happen...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Terrific TUESDAY :))

I love ZUMBA! I do! It just makes my day :))))) I look forward to doing it, and I ALWAYS feel fabulous after! Lydia rocks!!!

So, I can't weight to go to the Party in Pink Zumbathon on Saturday, October 22nd at Omak High School. It's from 9:30-11, and the cost is $10 with 75% of that going to Susan G. Komen for the Cure!!! It's going to be a blast, and all for a good cause!

OK,so calories in today=

Cottage cheese with green Tabasco- 100
Chocolate covered espresso bean-7

Chicken patty –morning star-90
String cheese-60
Egg- 78
Peppermint patty – 30

½ of acorn squash- 115
1 tsp of brown sugar- 35
1 cube steak – 4 ounces- breaded- 190 (meat) 30 (crumbs)
BBQ sauce- 40

965 before the bread crumbs

CALORIES out= ZUMBA - 500!!

Net calories= 465

2 Goals
1) 100 calories of water--check
2) at least 15 minutes of exercise--45 minutes today,CHECK!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just another manic Monday...

wish it were a Sunday, cuz that's my fun day...

Yesterday was fun :)

Today was manic! Teaching, 4-H, Cheer, Girl Scouts...home to dinner and bedtime routine, including homework!

My weigh-in: I now weigh 212.8 pounds!!! YAHOO!! It makes such a difference for me to write everything down. I do want to ramp up my working out and get back to drinking 100 ounces of water a day.

So, if you are keeping track, I weighed 244 mid-June, so I am now down 31.2 pounds!!!!!

Calories in =
Oatmeal 1/4 cup= 75
1 tbsp of maple pumpkin butter= 25
coffee- FF, SF white choc., SF butterscotch=90
chocolate espresso bean = 7
peppermint patty =30

chicken patty- morning star - 90
pear = 100
string cheese-60
egg = 78
peppermint patty =30

salad - 20
homemade dressing - 20
bacon- 25
croutons - 30
potato- 1/2- 80
bbq sauce- 40
lamb 8 ounces- 516
WHAT a sweetie to have dinner all ready for us :) I love it when he cooks lamb!

TOTAL =1316

Calories out = went for a short 10 minute walk.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

I LOVE Sundays like this :)

Today we decided to go for probably one of the last motorcycle rides of the season! We rode up to Washington Pass and walked around the little overlook trail.

I had so much fun. I love my family so much, and I love my motorcycle! I love the freedom I feel, and I love the fact that I can drive my own motorcycle. I am definitely feeling more and more confident about my driving abilities:)

And, it had been since Labor Day weekend that I had gone for a longer--more than buzzing around town-- kind of ride, and I realized that I have lost enough weight to make a difference in my motorcycle jacket and chaps. First, my motorcycle jacket with liner, would never be able to also fit my hoody, but today I had long underwear, shirt, and hoody on under my jacket with its liner in! And, my chaps...when I first bought them (beginning of summer) they were on the farthest buckle, and now they can't go any closer!!! That's like 5 little notches over!!!

Calories in=
coffee with gingerbread latte creamer- 30
jerky - just a little piece-25
FF, SF white chocolate, SF almond-90
230 calories

Dinner at Duck Brand- not sure what calories are exactly.
I had a duck quesadilla, though I only ate a little over half of it. I didn't finish it, and Rick said, "Is that all you are going to eat?" I seriously was not hungry! Plus, I knew it was fatty.

1 cup of duck =281,though I know it wasn't an entire cup!!
tortilla- guessing 210
BBQ sauce

800 calories would be high, I think, but I will go with it :)

Casa Solana tortilla chips- 10 chips-150 calories and salsa


Calories OUT=
1 hour for a 150 pound person = 179

I drove for a total of 3 hours today, and I know I don't weigh 150 pounds!! So, I am going to guess around 600 calories.

Oh, and we also did miniature golfing.

All in all, good day for eating and family time :))

Also, I LOVE MetroMint water!! So refreshing.

It's been a good weekend!!! Bring on this busy week ahead of us!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday and Saturday!

That's right, two for the price of one :) Yesterday was, as usual, BUSY! It's game night, and we travelled to Cashmere, which I always enjoy seeing so many people for whom I care so deeply!! But, it also makes for a LONG night...we didn't get home until after midnight.

This writing everything down is REALLY making a difference for me!!! I am finishing up my third week of logging everything, and I can't wait to see where I am with it after 6 weeks!!! I know I can do it :)

So, here's my eating for Friday! Before I went to Wenatchee, I looked at the Wendy's site, because I knew I wanted a frosty! They have an awesome meal planner!!! I thought about having a small cheeseburger, but when I saw it had OUTRAGEOUS calories for just a baby cheeseburger, I decided I truly didn't want it, and if it was about being hungry, I would just eat a salad with my yummy frosty!!

In the end, I decided to also have a small fry, which I like to dip in my frosty, odd I know. But, I knew ahead of time what I wanted and how many calories things were on the menu :))

cottage cheese - 100
coffee- SF butterscotch, SF white choc, FF milk -90
chocolate covered coffee bean- 7
peppermint patty - 30

veggie burger - 120
grapes- 100
tomatoes - 35 *yummy tomatoes from my friend's garden that I marinated in 1 tbsp of honey mustard over night. PERFECT!

4 pretzel thins- 25
couple of spoons of cottage cheese(with loaded on my pretzels- 25
1 small piece of smoked salmon - 30

string cheese - 60
jr. frosty - 170
small french fries - 230

TOTAL = 1022

coffee with gingerbread creamer - 30
cottage cheese- 100

salad -25
bacon- 1 tbsp - 25
croutons- 25
homemade dressing- honey mustard,spices, green Tabasco sauce, water - 25
pear- 96

7 lime and chili almonds - 42
1 small piece of smoked salmon - 30

steak- 8 ounces- t-bone - 448-not sure, might have been less, but definitely was not more!
corn (55) with sour cream, lime (20) - 70
salad lots of veggies no croutons! - 30
homemade dressing - 25

yummy apple salad I made!! golden delicious apples cut up, light whip cream, and SF FF butterscotch Jello pudding mix, everything all stirred up with nutmeg added on top :) - not sure how much on calories...apples are 82 each, 20 calories for 2 tbsps of the light cool whip, and 25 calories for 1/4 of the box of pudding mix. I definitely did not a fourth of the batch...Plus, I don't even know how many tbsps of cool whip that is total. I am going to say 100 calories for my serving, though I don't think it was that high :)

Total = 1071

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thursday! Holy smokes!! Where did this week go?

I am obsessed with calculators!!

I really like this one for exercise!!

Calories in =
cottage cheese- 100
coffee- FF and SF butterscotch and FF white chocolate- 90
chocolate covered coffee bean-7

pumpkin latte with ff milk (at school) - 200

veggie burger- 120
string cheese- 60
7 almonds- 40

Homemade sloppy joes :)
Bbq sauce- 40
Spicy pork sausage – ground sausage- 180 2 ounces
1/2 bun Hawaiian – 110 - I just ate it as an open faced sandwich, so I only needed have the bread!!!

Salad - 25
Homemade honey mustard dressing- 20
Tomatoes-fresh and soooo yummy from my friend’s garden!!! 22

I did make Rick onion rings, because he loves them, and I totally planned on eating a few until I saw the calories...
Onion rings – 220 for 4?? No thank you!!!!

Calories in =1180

Calories out = 174
Walked a mile with my step-daughter at the jog-a-thon, but we did jog one lap :))


I do need to drink more water. I am only drinking about 60 ounces a day, but I have also been drinking tea!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cool article :)

Cutting 100 calories at each meal :)) Great ideas! CHECK IT OUT RIGHT HERE!


I missed blogging last night :( It was a busy day, and then we had some relaxation time last night, so I chose to just be mellow!!

This evening I had a massage! WOWOWOWOW...I didn't realize how much I needed it. Ahhhhh :)

So, here are my calories for yesterday and today!

Cottage cheese - 100
Maple Pumpkin Butter- 1 tbsp- 25 *I love this! It's so yummy, and low calories!! It's the Paula Deen brand.
Coffee-FF,SF - 90
Coffee bean-7
7 almonds - 40

Grapes – 100
String cheese- 60
Cabbage casserole-230

Tortilla-wheat low carb- 70
Meat-skirt steak 4 ounces- 230 with fresh cilantro and lime juice
Salad- 50
Cheese- 1/8th of a cup- 50
Salsa - 30
Sour cream-40

2 cups of Oolong tea today

Calories in = 900 calories
Calories out = 45 minutes of Zumba= 500
Net = 400

¼ cup of oatmeal - 75
1tbsp of maple pumpkin butter – 25
Coffee – 90
Espresso bean- 7

Veggie burger – 120
String cheese - 60
14 almonds – 80
Grapes- 60

8 ounce caramel apple cider - 125 *nice little treat at the Salmon Creek Coffee Company!

Pork loin-6 ounces- 342
1 small potato – 100
BBQ sauce - 50

2 cups of oolong tea, 1 cup of egg nog tea

Calories in= 1134

Monday, October 3, 2011

Today: Monday.OK.Tired.

Calories in =
Oatmeal – 75- nutmeg and salt added
Pumpkin – 10
Maple syrup - 30
*I realized I can only eat half of the oatmeal in the morning!! I felt way too full, and I hadn't even eaten half of the portion I made. So, I took the total and divided it in half :)

Coffee- SF,FF 90
Coffe bean - 7

Pretzel thins – 110
Banana- 110
Plum – 30
String cheese – 60
Veggie burger – 120

Cabbage Casserole - 241- LOVE this recipe!!! Check it out :)
Roll - 125
Honeycrisp apple -84

TOTAL = 1092

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Food for the weekend...

I survived this crazy weekend!!! I didn't keep the best track of calories on Friday night, mostly because I wasn't sure how on calories for a few things I ate, BUT, I did watch portions!!!

cottage cheese – 100 -1/2 cup
coffee- SF white choc, SF coconut, FF milk – 90
pumpkin latte FF milk, not sure on this, I get it at school, and they have now told me how many calories yet – 150
coffee bean -7
peppermint patty-30
veggie burger- 120
starbucks – 110
*chicken noodle cheese casserole (good carb load for run) not sure on calories
*chicken enchilada- 1 enchilada
*2 chips with cheese bean dip
Grapes- 50
1 cookie- 75
Total – 842 for sure. Guessing around 1600.

FRS energy drink 25
bananas x 2 -220
1 Starbucks double shot- 110

1 Starbucks - 110
banana -110

hard-boiled egg- 78
smoked salmon- 99

chuck eye boneless steak- 6 ounces- 300
½ potato-1 tbsp of sour cream- 50+30=80
corn-lime, salt, 1 tbsp of sour cream- 44+30= 74

NET = 639

3K = 439
Walked 1 mile= 128 (warm-up and cool down)
Move cheer boxes- very heavy- worked up a sweat! Not counting the calories, but it was a weightlifting experience!!

Does pushing around my excessively full cart count?
I did find out this about grocery shopping...Seriously – 180 calories per hour (and, it was 2 hours of shopping, another hour of putting away) So, it was probably 300 calories!! And, my cart was FULL...they had to get me a second cart at checkout, LOL!

Starbucks Pumpkin pie latte – FF milk no whip cream-260- I was able to look this up online, and check out exactly how many calories with my specifications (FF milk and no whip), pretty cool and handy dandy tool.

String cheese- 60
Smoked salmon-99
Corn on the cob= 44
½ cup of grapes-30
Orchard bar - 180

Cottage cheese green salsa- 125

Crazy dinner...I ate at 9 p.m. I tried Stephanie's recipe :) YUMMY. I wasn't hungry, and not feeling good (icky yucky cramps--first day of TOM). This was the perfect feel good, warm treat!

1/2 cup of oatmeal- 150
1/2 cup of pumpkin-40
tsp of Splenda

Total = 988


I am so stinking proud of myself! I walked/jogged my first 5K on Saturday!! I have a funny story I have to tell about it. Well, last week I practiced the route, and I finished it in 36 minutes, so that was my hope for the actual race. we were jogging along, I noticed the people in front of us turning left, rather than going on straight! LOL!! IMAGINE my reaction!?!?! So, first I was a little tripped out because I had mentally prepared for a certain route. Then I just re-focused and kept going!! It included a hill, too!!

This little section I missed ended up being a quarter of a mile! Or, half a mile for the race, since you run it one direction, and then run it again on the way back! And, it was a bit of a hill, too!!

I did decide to figure out the timing of the actual race AND my practice!! I ended up finishing the actual 5K in 38 minutes (not sure on the seconds). My practice race was 36 minutes for 2.6 miles = 13.846/mile or 6.9/half mile, which means had I ran the entire thing last Sunday my time would have been 42+ minutes for the total run. So, my Saturday actual race time at 38+ minutes means I am down 4 minutes from my practice!!! I was hoping for under 40, which I did get. It ended up that I walked/jogged 12.30 a mile! Not too shabby!!!

Boy, it made such a difference to have a jogging partner! I would tell her where I could start jogging, and once we started, where I thought I could make it before I needed to walk, and she would totally encourage me, and I felt like I had to do it!! I was teasing her and telling her that I wanted to take her to Vegas with me for the half-marathon. But, seriously, I am going to work on my son to have him do it with me, and maybe my sister! I need that support :)

Now, I am so excited about the 5K, that I decided I wanted to do another one. There are quite a few next year, but not too many happening in the next month, and then we are into full winter. I wish there was an indoor 5K this winter, and I totally wish there was a 5K on Thanksgiving or the Friday after here in town somewhere. Ya know, a turkey trot of some sort!! Maybe even the morning of Turkey Day...I guess I will just have to do it on my own :)

I think I have talked my son and his wife to do the 11K run on 11-11-11 in Vegas!! I wish we had one of these races close here, but we don't :( The nearest one is in Seattle!

I did find that November 6th is World Run Day!! I AM VERY interested in this!!! I like that I can run a 5K, and raise money for a charity I care about, maybe even something local. You get a bib!! And, I can buy a shirt even :) I was thinking it would be cool to run a 5K once a month!! So, the plan is running again (probably just by myself) on November 6th, then another one on Thanksgiving (again, probably just on my own), and then off to the half-marathon in Vegas the first week of December. Then I could do a run inside in January...

I think I have the running bug :)

HUGE!!! Or, should I say smaller?

Today I decided to buy myself two pairs of size 16 jeans! I did not try them on in the store, and the plan was to use them as motivation!!!

One pair fits, and I can wear now!!! YAHOO!!! And, to think my 20s were too tight and uncomfortable at the beginning of the summer.

The second pair I can pull up, zip and button--though this felt like a workout--, but they were ON!! I am excited for losing 10 pounds and being able to wear them comfortably :))) THAT'S SO MOTIVATING!! I have never done that before, bought myself something that I couldn't fit into. Seriously, I don't buy myself a lot anyhow, so it's hard to buy something that I can't wear right now, BUT...I think that's what makes it so motivating!!


I am pretty sure that I have exercised induced asthma :(

Whenever I jog for more than a mile, I have a major problem about 30 minutes afterwards. I start coughing--pretty intense--, and then I have a wheeze, almost a squeak.

I do have an inhaler that I was given a couple of years ago when I had a BAD case of bronchitis and pneumonia. Well, I used that before the race on Saturday, and then when I was done. I still had a coughing fit, but it was much less in its duration. I did wheeze and squeak until late into the evening.

I am going to go to the doctor this week, as I need to get an updated inhaler. I won't let this be an excuse!!

I don't have a problem when I do cardio like Zumba, it's only when I jog...I will keep you updated.