Monday, March 31, 2008

Feeling quiet

     It's hard to believe that we are at Spring Break already!
     On Saturday we headed down to Wenatchee. We were disappointed that Jordan's baseball games with Cascade were cancelled due to MASSIVE amounts of snow, but we went ahead and took him down there and did some shopping.
     I bought a new pair of Saucony shoes, which are my absolute favorite walking/exercising shoes in the world. To make that even better, they were on sale BIG TIME!!
     We also went to the bookstore (one of my favorite places to be), and I bought a couple of books, and I even read one book while sitting on the floor for almost thirty minutes!
     We ate out at Wok About Grill, one of my favorite restaurants. I had all veggies and no sugary sauces (just water and garlic) to grill up my food. It was delicious.
     Then part way through lunch, my sister called. NOT good news. My grandpa is in ICU in Texas.
     He has always been healthy and VERY young for his age, up until this last decade or so. And about three years ago my sister donated her kidney to him. It rejected last year, and he has been fighting all sorts of things since then.
     It doesn't look good for him to leave the hospital. I am absolutely devastated. I will write more later, but that's why I have been a bit quiet these past two days.
    Be healthy, and love those around you.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break?

     I am officially on break, but is it really SPRING break, ladies and gentlemen?
     I have to admit that this morning as I was researching some things on the computer, the pristine snow looked beautiful. I am not super happy about it being here, and if we hadn't had this month of what felt like Spring, then probably the snow wouldn't be such a shock!
     Anyhow, we are headed down to Wenatchee (originally for Jordie's double header baseball games in Leavenworth, where they now have six inches of snow on their field!)to go and run some errands.
     I am excited to go to the health food store down there! They have such a huge selection.
     I am also going to head out for a quick (well, not too quick, as I don't want to slip) walk.
     I have decided that I am going to try and focus my exercise in the morning, so that I can kick start my metabolism.
     Have a great weekend, and BE HEALTHY!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Terrific Thursday!

     Yesterday was a great day! I had to go to Chelan all day for a union meeting, and we ate at Campbell's.
      I am so proud of my choices. First off, I drank lots of water, and also green tea. Then for lunch I ate an arugula salad with flame broiled chicken, and then for dessert, while everyone was ordering yummy looking things (I especially wanted the blackberry pie), I asked the lady after she rattled off a million scrumptious desserts if she would be willing to serve me a plate of fruit. She would, and let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS!
      I didn't walk at lunch yesterday (as we have kind of a working lunch and then right back to the meeting), and I didn't exercise at all, but that's OK, because I am going to make up for it this upcoming week that I have off!!
      We went to the baseball game yesterday afternoon, and it was so cold that it actually spit out some snow for a couple of innings! My step-daughter thought that was fantastic and ran around trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue.
      I figure I burnt some calories just trying to stay warm! I was very tempted to get up and run around with her!!
      I am glad today is Friday! I am glad that next week we get to play, play, play! Be healthy!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Goose EGG - not Easter egg!

     I lost ZERO pounds. I didn't gain, but I didn't lose either. It's somewhat depressing even though I know that I have been ON SPOT for everything that I am supposed to be doing.
     It's just wanting to see results, and to see them RIGHT now!
     I skipped the sugary Easter candy and goodies. I think that's what bugs me the most is that I am making all the right choices, and not feeling the reward for that (well, I am feeling rewarded in how I actually feel, but you know what I mean).
     BY making those right choices, I do know that those will catch up with me eventually.
     I am writing everything down that I eat. I am weighing food. I am drinking water, taking a vitamin, and exercising. It will reflect on the scale. I know it.
     As for the rest of the six-pack, one women did not weigh because she had another activity she had to attend. The others lost: 4.4, 3.4, 3.4, and .2! That's a total of 11.4 pounds this week! Way to go ladies!!!
     Two of our gals are up to two 5-pound stars now! And, everyone else has one! I am so proud of the group :)
     Be healthy!

Turtle, turtle.

     When it comes to weighing in tonight, I feel fat. I polled 4 of the other 5 members of our six-pack (couldn't get a hold of one member), and surprisingly, they ALL feel the same weigh - bloated (and, I really don't like that word).
      I wish I would've journaled before when I did WW. I did notice, as I mentioned before, the pattern where I lost big week 1 (duh, lots of water weight), tiny week 2, just a smidge more week 3, and a big loss week 4.
     But, after talking with the other gals and seeing that as far as the weight goes they feel the same way I do, I feel a little better.
     The thing is that I don't feel fat mentally. By that I mean that I feel really well right now. I feel like I am making some of the most positive choices I have ever made in my life.
     But, when I think about the scale (which I only weigh once a week, and at WW), I don't feel like I am going to see the results that I want to see.
     HOWEVER, I am not going to let any number of me or my buddies get any of us down, as this is about the long-term - We may feel like turtles today, but we will still find success.
     I will update tonight! Have a great day, and be healthy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Smooth operator!

     I wanted to tell you that I made a yummy smoothie last night. G-Ma Pat gave me a smoothie maker one year as a gift, and it's user friendly, with a pour spout even.
     So, I used Skinny Supreme milk (8 ounces), 1 VERY ripe banana (that's what gave me the idea...I was going to throw the bananas away, because I didn't want to make bread), and I added a little bit of sugar freee chocolate JELLO pudding (the powder - to make the smoothie have a thicker consistency).
     It was SOOO yummy and SOOO filling. It was 4 points, which is more than what I normally have as dessert, but it was very yummy and the milk is good for me!
     A long time ago, I used to make smoothie concoctions all the time. Some other ingredients you can try: yogurt, peaches (I like to use frozen fruit for the chunky consistency), strawberries, any fruit, peanut butter, sugar free hot chocolate mix, sugar free flavors (like for coffee), any kind of sugar free JELLO pudding mix (I only use about a third of the envelope, maybe), and any combination of all of the above! You can add ice or not. I even like to add light Cool Whip for a creamier taste.
     Just some yummy ideas for you! Have fun and be healthy!

The magic number 8!!

     OK, I have always had this weird connection with the number 8. I sort of feel like it is my Sesame Street number, you know: And, brought to Trisha’s life, today’s number is 8. After all, I was born in ’71 (which adds up to 8).
     I remember when I was little, and I learned how to do figure eights on my roller skates, and actually this is crazy, but I received my first pair of roller skates (white with pink stopper, hot pink laces, and pink glittery wheels) for my eighth birthday.
     Five months before I turned 8, we moved from Washington to Texas, and that was the year my parents, who had divorced, reunited – trust me the Disney dream of every little girl of divorced parents. I remember thinking it was like the Parent Trap movie, but minus the twins. LOL. So, really I considered my 8th year of life to be one of the best.
     In the 8th grade we moved from California to Washington, and the 8th grade was my favorite year of school from K-8!
     Cody’s number has always been 8. He even got an “8” tattoo, which depending upon how you look at it, also looks like the infinity symbol, going on forever an ever.
     Jordie’s number was 4 (half of 8), and then he switched to 12 (8 + 4). And, Jordan was born on August (8th month) 19th (9-1= 8).
     I still own an magic 8-ball (of course, my students and own kids enjoy it now).
     If you want to read more about the actual symbolism behind the number 8 check out this website: For now and here, I am going to move onto how 8 relates to my health!
     It just seems like the number 8 is where my life is headed. Recently, I have noticed three other things in my life that also revolve around, you guessed it, 8!
     First off, on one of my favorite websites,, I love the HG’s Top Ate lists, which always have something to do with 8 yummy foods, or like the current one is Top Ate Calorie-Saving Cooking Swaps!
     Then onto Weight Watchers, they are all about the number 8!! Yup, the 8 good health guidelines are: 1) Eat at least 5 servings of veggies and fruit each day. 2) Choose whole-grain foods, such as brown rice and oats. 3) Include two servings of milk products – low fat or fat-free (I love Skinny Supreme at Safeway, it’s sort of right in between 1% and fat free.). 4) Have some healthy oil(olive, canola, sunflower, safflower or flaxseed) every day. I do flaxseed. 5) Ensure you are getting enough protein, at least 1-2 servings of it a day. 6) Limit sugar and alcohol (that's been super easy). 7) Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water (check!). 8) Take a multi-vitamin (got that covered, and then some, as I am even taking special vitamins for adrenal glands and the liver).
     And, they also have their 8 helpful habits, which I just received the booklet last week at WW. The helpful habits are: Prepare yourself. Ask for Help. Manage your thoughts. Manage your feelings. Take care of yourself. Manage your environment. Monitor yourself. Learn from experience.
     The great thing is that the booklet had a little survey for you to see which habits you already do, and which you can focus on and just how to do that.
     My habit profile said that I needed to work on managing my feelings, taking care of myself, and learning from experience. I was not at all surprised! All the other areas I did really well in :)
     So, I decided to research some other health-related 8 topic lists, and I found the following site that listed the 8 traits of emotional hunger:
According to the site, Emotional Hunger is: sudden, for a specific food, “above the neck,” urgent, paired with an upsetting emotion, automatic or absent-minded eating, not aware of fullness, related to guilty feelings about eating.
     That's a lot of things to digest (no pun intended). Be healthy!

Monday, March 24, 2008

A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

     If you know anything about WW, you know that many people love the Progresso Light soups because they are ZERO points. I did a little poking around, and I found a website that includes some what looks like tasty recipes, at least I plan to try some of them!
     Check it out at:
     I have been on a mission lately, searching out some new and healthy recipes. I just made a yummy artichoke, mushroom, and chicken dish tonight. SO flavorful and low in calories!!!
     I also have been thinking about super fun things for my step-daughter and I to do over Spring Break (next week!!!!) that incorporates lots of exercise.
     I know we are definitely going to head out on bikes at one of the local parks on a couple of days. I think we are going to go on a hike one day, maybe up on the Loop somewhere or else out in Conconully. I have a couple of other things up my sleeve (maybe bowling and working on our apple bin garden) that will be lots of fun, too! I can't wait!!!
     Hey, did you know that March is National Nutritional Month? How ironic that it would be the month that I re-dedicated myself to being healthy! Very COOL!
     UPDATE for the weekend...Saturday we had an Easter egg hunt, then we had a double-header in baseball (Bulldogs won both games, woo hoo), and I walked almost a mile around the "block" in between games. I also packed my snacks and water, and I did SUPER!
     Then my step-daughter attended a bowling birthday party in the afternoon, and finally we headed home to play outside.
     Then Sunday was all about another Easter egg hunt (granted I didn't make Jordie hunt out his gifts!), and then we had yummy dinner at G-Ma Pat's.
     It was really nice because Rick's brother and family came up. Unfortunately they didn't get to see our little one because she was with her bio-mom. But, we still had a great time hanging with family, just missed our two kiddos (CODY, too).
     I did eat REALLY well! I had some ham, one small red potato (plain), broccoli (which I need to do some investigating because I read in an article that it can be bad for people with thryoid issues, but I LOVE broccoli), some fruit salad (which G-Ma made with light cool whip, and nothing bad), two wheat rolls (no butter), and two devilled eggs (I made them with light Miracle Whip), and that entire meal was what I considered both my lunch and dinner.
     I finished out the rest of the day with a WW ice cream (2 points), and some popcorn (1 point), and some fruit. All in all, I was WAY under my points!
     So, it was a LOVELY weekend! Be healthy!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Today in a nutshell, or a burrito!

     Today I did walk at lunch. Now, the good thing about this is that I was actually sidelined at the beginning of lunch, and I admit I seriously considered not going out at all.
     Instead I headed out and I walked 3 laps (normally I walk 4, a mile), and I would've walked 4, but our groundskeeper was dragging the dirt track, and the dust was just a bit much.
     But, I am really glad that I did go and do some walking! Then, when we came home, I rode the bike for another 7 miles (total is 32 now).
     OK, and today I tried a South Beach breakfast burrito. I tried the Southwestern flavor, and it was 3.5 points (it was exactly on the line between 3 and 4). It was quick, easy, and yummy!
     Enjoy and be healthy!

I remember when...

     I have such good memories of when I was a little girl and all of the activities I experienced. One such was Girl Scouts.
     I earned many merit badges, and I remember when I moved up from Brownies, just how proud I was!
     Anyhoot, many weeks ago I purchased cookies from a Girl Scout in one of my classes, and they arrived today.
     My first reaction was that I should give them away or leave them at Rick's, but instead I reminded myself the GREAT thing about WW and particularly the Flex Plan is that I can eat them in moderation.
     So, off to the points calculator I go. And, here is what I discovered.
     Thin Mint Cookies (my favorite, btw) are .75 points each, which I can eat four for three points, if I want.
     All Abouts (shortbread) = 1.33 points each.
     Tagalongs (chocolate and peanutbutter) = 2 points each.
     Samoas = 2 points each.
     I think they will be a yummy snack, and I will probably even freeze some of them. That's one way to look at things that when you eat smaller portions, food lasts a lot longer!
     It's all about not eating an entire box at one sitting! Be healthy!

Give me a chicken, and I will cook it a bunch of different ways!

      Yesterday I explored the WW recipes, and I found that I like this online tool a lot.
      You can do all sorts of things. For example, I found a BBQ chicken and black bean pizza recipe that looked yummy. It was 7 points a slice.
      But, I could go in and tweak things around like take the pizza crust they had in the recipe and insert the flatout bread instead, dramatically changing points and increasing portion size.
      You can also enter in your recipes, and it will tell you how many points your recipe is per serving.
      And, there are TONS of recipes, and my favorite search tool for recipes is that you can search by points!
      I made a YUMMY balsamic chicken with mushrooms dish last night. I tweaked it a bit, and used portabella mushrooms (big, thick slices), and instead of cooking it in the frying pan, I baked it. I did use fresh thyme.
      This was absolutely scrumptious. The chicken breasts burst with juices. And, it was only 3 points! Rick and Jordie had two helpings!
      I made extra, and I plan to shred the chicken and use it for the pizza recipe.
      Definitely I like the benefit of having access to the online tools to WW.
      Have a great day and be healthy!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Out in the tules

     I am biking a lot on my recumbent bike. I usually watch the tube and read in between the commercials. I am so into it now, that I am going to take my bike down to the bike shop for a much needed tune-up, and then I am going to start riding outside, too.
     I did walk at lunch today, and since I was feeling like a goofball, I decided to walk around the track the opposite way. This just got me thinking how come we go the way we go around the track. Obviously I think too much! LOL.
     OK, so I admit, I researched the counterclockwise phenomena, and I found some intersting articles, but definitely the most thorough at Wiki Answers, and I am not a huge fan of Wikipedia (too much stuff that's not accuarte), but this is a bit different.
     Anyhow, it makes sense, and I just love thinking about stuff like that!
     Back on track (pun intended). I do have a link for my "virtual" bike trip, and you can check it out at: . Go all the way to the bottom to see the map.
     As of yesterday afternoon, I have logged 25 miles, and my next destination at 34 miles will be Knappa, Oregon. So, right now I am tuling along the Columbia River. NICE.
     Quick side note: I don't think tuling is a world, but I did look up the etymology of "out in the tules." Which originates from California, and it means out in the bushes (a tule is a type of bush). And, in particular tules means low, swampy land, often in Northern California. I digress.
      I did find a virtual trip across America that you can log your bike or walking miles, or both. It’s a cool site, but it does go a different route, and it also goes East to West, and I want to go the other direction instead.
     But, I did check it out, and it has cool pictures of where you are. It lets you choose a virtual partner to exercise with and keep track of online. And, it will send you e-mails to remind you of your goals. In addition, it tracks people who make it through a state, sort of like a reader board of walkers/riders. Definitely check it out! .
     Very cool concept, much like my virtual bike ride, but for walking! You can figure out steps, miles, or minutes, and you can log in exponentially (so, you can make the trip more quickly) or in actual/real measurements.
     OK, so just another reason why technology can be cool!

Rewind for results

      OK, so last night, our six-pack results were as follows: one person lost 3.8 (I thought it was 4 something), one person lost 1.8, another lost 1.2, another lost 1, I lost .06, and one gained 1 pound. So, as a group we lost a total of 6.6 pounds (net) this week.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hortonesque Philosophy

      I don't know how the entire group did tonight at WW because I had to leave once I weighed, as I had a mandatory orientation for Running Start for Jordie.
      I only lost .6 or basically a half of a pound, which brings me to 5.6 pounds total.
      I am going to be BRUTALLY honest in saying I was VERY disappointed with that number. The lady weighing me in reminding me that it is the total amount that I should focus on, and 5.6 pounds is good for two weeks, BUT...
      Then I called Rick on my way to the meeting, and he is so wise in reminding me that I am in this for life, for the long haul, not just the second week.
     So, I am going to take Horton's view of things, and a loss is a loss, no matter how small!
      I decided to look at my chart from when I did WW eons ago, and guess what? Big loss first week, tiny loss second week, a little bigger third week, and big loss fourth week. SIGH.
      I also distinctly remember watching Biggest Loser and watching people come off of big weeks to lose very little or even nothing at all.
     What I have to remind myself is that I am making really positive choices in my life. I have journaled EVERYTHING I am eating. I am drinking my water. I am right where I should be each day for points. I am eating fruit and veggies, weighing food and paying attention to portions, taking vitamins, and exercising.
      I have exercised so well for a week now. I did walk a mile today, and rode the recumbent this afternoon for six miles. And, I definitely have more energy and feel better. That's what I need to focus on and carry into next week.
     And, even though I was initially upset with the little loss, I feel ramped up to do even better this next week.
     So, how did the rest of the six-pack do? I am not totally sure because I had to leave before everyone was there. I do know one person lost a pound, another lost 4.6, and I still have to check in with three others. I will keep you posted.
      That's it for tonight. Be healthy!

W is for Wednesday, walking, and Weight Watchers weigh-in

      Good morning! Yesterday was a little busy with Jordan's first baseball game (they won!), so I only was able to walk a mile at lunch. But, that's OK, because my goal is to move each day, and I was a movin'!
      If you read the comment from yesterday's blog, Lynn mentions the idea about sprinkling cinnamon on food to help with flatuence. I am going to give that a try :)
      I found this really cool tool on Google. It's a pedometer. So, basically you can map out where you walk, and it will caculate the miles for you. SO, you don't have to jump in your car, waste gas and time, and drive where you walked to figure out the mileage.
      The link is: I just typed in my entire address (street, city, state, zip), and then you plot the points on the map, and you can hit the loop button for a round trip, and it figures everything out for you. From my house to the school (my exact route that I walk) it is .46 miles, one-way.
      Well, I am very excited for our weigh-in at WW today! I can't wait to see how we all have done this second week!!
      It's a busy, busy, busy day (4 different meetings), but I am all planned out (meals), and I will still be able to exercise.
      Have a super Wednesday, and be healthy!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vapors and Blemishes

     I am downing the vitamins, working out (sweating), and eating lots of veggies, and you know what this really means? Yes, I am reaping the health benefits. I definitely feel like I have more energy and just feel healthy, but the other products of all of this is FARTS and ZITS!
     I am washing my face several times a day, and thankfully I don’t have dry skin to add to the list of maladies. It just seems that with all good things there are some so-called side effects.
     But, I do know that in the end, once all of the icky toxins have left my body, that I won’t be dealing with the zit (what a great word) problem. OK, a little side route here. Did you know that zit came around in the 60s as teen slang, and nobody really knows who started it or how? Things that make you go hmmmmm.
     So, back to the flatulence problem, first of all, I found it hilarious when I googled farts and veggies. Apparently, the world has determined that veggie farts (seriously is an urban term) are the smelliest. Something else that makes you go hmmmmm.
     Basically, one can eat Beano which does work. Or, just deal with the extra gas caused by eating massive amounts of veggies. I did find an interesting thread on 3 Fat Chicks, where they basically said that after about six weeks, their bodies adjusted to the whole grains and veggies, and they did not have the smelly gas issue anymore. Check it out at:
     I did find an interesting article about the digesting of veggies (especially raw ones), and tricks to make it easier for your to do.
     OK, so there you have it! Be healthy!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Riding Across America!

     So, I walked to work today, and then since my prep is right before lunch, I ate my lunch while I was working on work, and then during lunch I walked a mile. Yup, four times around the track! It took me 18 minutes, and I just felt wonderful and energetic for the rest of the afternoon.
     Then, my step-daughter and I walked home. Once I had a snack for her and some milk, and her color papers out, then I rode the bike for 30 minutes, 7 miles!
     This is all really low impact, so nothing hurts, but I do break a sweat, and it just feels good!
     Now, my figurative bike trip. I am going to ride my recumbent bike starting from Long Beack, Washington, one of my favorite places to be, lots of memories there throughout the years. Then, I plan on ending my trip in a place I have always wanted to visit, and I do plan on going there some day: Atlantic City, New Jersey!
     This entire trip according to mapquest is a total of 3037 miles! If I were to average 7 miles a day, that will still take me 434 days. But, here's the deal...THIS helps me think about being healthy in a long-term way.
     So, I am now up to 19 miles on the bike, so I am basically in Astoria, Oregon, another one of my favorite places! I just rode across the Astoria Bridge (4.1 miles long)!
     If you want to see the virtual road I am taking, check it out!
     Keep riding, and be healthy!

I'm Lovin' It!

     Sunday was just as good! We decided to run to Moses Lake to see Rick's brother and his family.
     I still drank all my water, ate healthy snacks (that I packed), had a yummy and light lunch, and then when we returned home ate some leftover cabbage soup for a late dinner.
     I was really proud of how relatively easy it all felt to be on track. This shows me that I can make good choices regardless of the situation.
     Shelley and I went for a short walk up to the little store by where they are living, round-trip it was probably one mile.
     SO, I didn't exercise as much as I wanted yesterday, but I did squueze some in!
     By the way the cabbage soup I made is to die for!! I couldn't believe how good it was last night re-heated, almost better than Saturday night. I think it's the ground turkey that takes it over the edge of yummy!!!
     Also, I made another couple of discoveries on Saturday. Yummy and low points, of course.
     I found Starbuck's Mocha ice cream, that are THE best! They are only 2 points, and they are delicious!!! Even Rick really liked them.
     They are sort of in a weird place though. You know where the ice cream bars are at in Wal*Mart? At the end of the frozen treats aisle down closest to the meat section, right? Well, these yummy treats are all the way at the other end of the aisle (closest to the men's clothing), and on the very bottom row.
     They are totally worth it! My other find was Fiber One Caramel Delight cereal (3 points without the milk). The cereal lives up to its delight name, and it fills you up because it is so high in fiber.
     Today, I am walking to and from school, and then when we get home this afternoon, I am going to ride on the bike.
     I helped Rick plan out all of our meals for this week (his week to cook), so I am ready to go!
     Have a MARVELOUS Monday, and be healthy!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stupendous Saturday!

     Saturday! I did sleep in, but only until 8:30. I went to take my thyroid pill and drink some water, and WHAT the heck? SNOW! Geez!
     I was disappointed because Jordie had his first baseball game today, but it was cancelled, and now that I look out, the snow is all gone. SIGH.
     We went and ran a few errands. First, I had a coffee from Pumphouse (a treat, but only 2 points), and then we went to Rite Aid.
     There I found an extensive amount of sugar free candy for those who need that little whatever. I did buy mini-York Peppermint Patties, which are 1 point each or 2 points for 3 pieces! The key is not to eat all of them at once. Just have them on hand when you need a pick-me-up.
     I also bought CocoaVia chocolate almond snack bars. They are 2 points for one bar, and they are touted as a heart healthy food. I had read about them on Hungry Girl, and I actually think they are pretty good. They are VERY chocolatey.
     Also, many of the vitamins at Rite Aid are on special, buy one get one free. And, they have a pretty good selection. I was sort of surprised, actually. So, if you need to stock up, now is the time!
     We headed over to Safeway next, as I am going to make a cabbage soup with ground turkey and lots of other veggies. Of course, the cabbage was on sale because St. Patty's Day is on Monday.
     Pleasantly, I also found fresh skinless, boneless chicken breasts on sale for $1.99 a pound, which is a SUPER price, so I bought extra and threw some in the freezer.
     When we returned home and put the groceries away, I jumped on the recumbent bike and watched television (Celebrity Fit Club - which I think they should do a viewers vs. celebrities show), and during the commercials I read a book (Fat Kid Rules The World - K.L. Going).
     I rode for 7.5 miles in 31 minutes. And, I feel great! I decided I am going to keep track of all the miles, and metaphorically ride from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean!
     It's been a great Saturday, so far. Be healthy!

Friday, March 14, 2008

A way of life!

     OK, so normally on our early release days a group of us head out and eat at a local restaurant.
     I really wanted to be able to do that today, just like any other day, because I don't want WW to be a diet, but rather a way of life.
     So, off we went! I orded a veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread, with a side salad (fat free French dressing on the side - with not even half gone), and a glass of water. That's a whopping 3 points for lunch, which is actually less than the WW meals I normally eat.
     I was full, and the food was yummy. I loved escaping from school for a small break in the day, and my company was delightful!
     A little salad dressing trick...dip your fork in the dressing, then fork the salad. You still have the taste of the dressing, but it keeps the portion under control.
     I also really like the spray dressing, which is definitely the same concept of limiting the portion.
     We did decid to go to the movie tonight, so I have already made my popcorn (1 point), and I found a couple of other snacks to take with me.
     I love chocolate, and York Peppermint Patties are a perfect match with my popcorn. One BIG one is only 2 points! Finally, a friend shared with me that Tootsie Roll Pops are only 1 point, and sure enough, they are!
     Even with those goodies, and a yummy chicken stirfry and brown rice dinner, I am still going to be under points!!!
     I came home from work today and decided to ride the bike. I turned on the television and rode for 5 miles (21 minutes), earning 2 exercise points.
     It's been a good day! A healthy day!

Friday, thank goodness!

     This has felt like an extraordinarily long week because I have been administering the WASL, writing and reading, to sophomores all week.
     But, even with the craziness, I have completely kept it together. I have eaten perfectly. I still can't believe how easy it is, just so long as everything is planned out.
     Of course, it's more than helpful that we are all doing this as a group. I think it will keep us motivated for much longer.
     I have kept up with my water without any problems. Although I had to kind of monitor it the past four days because I did not have a break in the first two hours of school because of the test and security.
     But, that's OK, I just worked around that schedule, and still drank even more than I am supposed to.
     I am looking forward to this weekend. We have a baseball game, probably going to the movies, and just some RELAX time.
     Happy Friday, and be healthy!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Strap on those walking shoes!

     I was so inspired by last night's success, that I decided to walk to school this morning :) I have also decided that I will do so every morning I don't have my step-daughter, which is every other week.
     We walked home today from school, and she is so funny; we talk about all sorts of things. It was relaxing.
     I admit I walked faster when I walked this morning alone, but hey, any exercise is good!
     And, this morning I just had tons of energy from my quick little walk to school! I always forget about those happy hormones that kick into gear when we exercise!
     Well, we are off to run some errands. Be healthy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We did it; WAY 2 GO NEWBIES!!!!!!!!!!!

     Everyone in our group lost weight this week!!I lost 5 pounds; that's a sack of flour!! Water weight or not, it's not longer being hauled around on this body!!
     Our group lost a total of 30 pounds, which considering the entire meeting lost 109 pounds (and, there are about 50 people there), I am so proud of our six-pack!
     We did take a pic, and I will try to post it tomorrow. I forgot to ask the ladies if I could or not :)
     Kathy was our Biggest Loser! She lost 7.2 pounds!!! I am so excited for everyone!
     There were people who had earned special marks including twenty-five pounds losses, and I can't wait until we are all there!
     That's motivation! Be healthy!


      I am excited about our weigh-in tonight. I want everyone to do well! I have no idea how much weight I have lost, as I don't own a scale!
      I am VERY proud of the fact that I have eaten healthy for an entire week. Not one bad choice anywhere, even though we can eat whatever, so long as we count the points.
      I didn't even dip into the floater 35 points for the week. I know that eventually I will (especially when the daily points drop down as we lose weight), but for now I am just planning on saving those for big or special events.
      I only exercised twice last week, so my new goal to add into these week is the regular exercise.
      I didn't want to do too much all at once (normally, I am all crazy gangbusters in the beginning); I really want this time around to be lasting.
      I will blog tonight to update everyone on how we did! We are also planning on taking a pic, and if the girls let me, I will post our pic. I told them that when we lose tons of weight together, we will be a cover story for sure!!!
      Have a great day! Be healthy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lovely Leftovers!

     One of the other things I love that I am doing is that I am making lots of whatever we have for dinner, and then using the leftovers in some sort of creative way. Who would've thought that I would actually WANT leftovers on purpose?
     Saturday night we had steak, and we made extra. I sliced it really thin and ate it on my salad the next day! Yummy!
     By the way, I couldn't find my food scale, so I bought a new one (It was on sale at Safeway!). I weigh out all of my meat, so I know exactly how much I am eating!
     It sort of has turned out into a science lesson, as we all guess how much we think a certain portion is, and then we weigh it to see who is right. Rick is still way (no pun intended) off. He thinks everything is much heavier than it is. I guess if you have to be off, it's better to be off that way!
     Anyhow, I have now purposefully cooked leftovers with four meals, and it is a great way to always have some sort of extra protein handy for either breakfast with scrambled egg beaters or in a wrap or salad for lunch!
     When I sat down to plan out my meals for this entire week, I used that idea, which also makes buying healthy foods not quite so expensive. Bring on the leftovers, and be healthy!


     Hey there! This will be short and sweet, but I will write more later this evening!
     First off, I always notice how much better food tastes when you are truly eating healthy. It just seems more flavorful.
     A couple of the six-pack gals have also noticed this effect, and it's hilarious to hear them talk about succulent squash.
     My favorite line so far? When one of them said, "If this is what eating healthy tastes like, I could do this every day for the rest of my life!" YES!!!!!!!
     Gone be the processed, fat, sugary foods!!!
     So. definitely we are enjoying what we eat, savoring each bite, and discovering new foods (or lost and forgotten ones).
     I have tried some other tricks to help me enjoy my food even more. I practice putting my fork down after each bite, and sometimes if I feel like I am starving, I will actually eat with my left hand (opposite for me) to slow down and eat (or smell) the roses!
     I am also eating a salad most afternoons around 4 p.m. This really helps me during my hunger zone.
     It's all about slowing down and making positive choices. Be healthy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

That makes cents, 100 of them!

      Did you know that the $1 store carries several magazines? They have a fitness magazine, and I also bought another one, too.
      That's so cool, just a $1 for a magazine!
      I am a voracious reader, and I especially love to read about health which I have been doing lots of this past week.
      I have even been photocopying articles to share with the others in the six-pack.
      Then I started thinking it would be awesome if we recycled health/fitness magazines and/or even interesting articles at the WW meetings! I might just have to make that suggestion!
      Have a great Monday! Be healthy :)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Give me a rice cake, and I will give you more!

     I am a rice cake aficionado or at least I would like to consider myself as one!
     I love rice cakes, and I don’t have the texture issue that some people feel like they are eating cardboard. To me, I see rice cakes as just a low-cal option for bread.
     So, I love to eat the following combinations using the lightly salted rice cakes, of course.

PB & J (4 points)
1 tbsp of Adam’s peanut butter
1 tbsp of blackberry all fruit jam

*of course, you can go with any variation of adding to the peanut butter like pickles or bananas (preferably not at the same time!)

Tuna (3 points without cheese)
2 ounces of tuna (about a quarter cup)
2 tbsps light or ff Miracle Whip (I use light)
cheese is optional
I like to add cut up pickles to this, too.

     These next ones I like to eat both cold or warmed up in the microwave for 15 seconds or so.

Spice it up! (3 points)
shredded cheese
sour cream

C & C (3.5 points)
a slice or two of chicken lunchmeat (can substitute any)
a slice of lowfat cheese (I like provolone)
sometimes I include a swab of mustard
sometimes I add a tomato

Beans (3 points)
such and such beans
little cheese or sour cream

     I did come across some websites with some fun ideas that I have not tried, but plan on doing so soon! Definitely check out this site if you love rice cakes!

Cream cheese, tomato and cucumber
Cottage cheese and tomato (3 points)

     Rice cake on!

Some observations

     OK, so I have been Weight Watchering, now making this my fourth day. I have some trends I am noticing.
     Remember there are six of us that started WW together last Wednesday, and I have dubbed us The Six Pack! LOL. I figure we all want six pack abs, and most of us are carrying around kegs.
     Four of us are doing the Flex program, and the other two are on Core. So, I am going to foucs in on the Flex, but as the Core people share with me their experiences I will blog them, too.
     On Flex you get so many points a day, and all of us are right around the 32 point mark(I have 33, I think the highest).
     The first day, two of the gals did not eat very much breakfast and no protein, but two of us did eat a bigger breakfast and made sure we had protein included. The two who didn't had a really TOUGH first day of being VERY hungry and cranky.
     On day two we all settled in and were not feeling hungry. But two of us started feeling really sick.
     Both of us had the flu! We had shakes, FEVER, sore muscles, headache, stuffed noses, sore throats filled with mucus, and felt wiped out.
     Because I am one of those thinkers, I just thought it was weird that two of us were so sick right away. And, so I started some research.
     NOW, the two of us that were sick...we didn't eat hardly any fruit as compared to the other two. SO, if you think about it, we had VERY little sugar, if any, in our bodies for two days.
     I found out that you can have severe sugar withdrawals, and people can actually be sugar sensitive. The information out there is AMAZING! And, basically a person experiencing sugar withdrawals...get this...has flu-like symptoms!
     I have personally known several people who have changed their eating and then ended up really sick in the first few days!!! It's totally like a detox.
     Rick just didn't believe me that I could be detoxing from sugar and that I must have the flu or allergies, because he said that I didn't eat that much sugar, which is partly true. I just don't think he realizes how much sugar is in everything we eat. And, I may be a sugar sensitve person, and I just didn't know it!
     According to everything out there, sugar sensitive people often are creative, full of energy and passion, impulsive, emotional, driven, can have a short fuse, etc. It's about biochemistry, and often children of alcoholics are found to be sugar sensitive. Fascinating.
     Now, it could just be coincidence. I could be actually getting the flu or a cold or my allergies kicking in.
     I did eat a bunch of fruit Friday night and then Saturday morning, the shakes, fever, and sore muscles were gone. BUT, I swear I felt like I was going to die Friday during the day and evening!!
     I also thought there was no way a person could have a fever related to sugar withdrawal, but in fact, low sugar can cause a fever.
     I feel totally better, other than a bit of a cough (which really could be allergies).
     Moving on to another observation. ALL of us have a tough time eating our points allowance, and it is really important that we do. In addition to our daily points, we also receive 35 floater points a week. We can eat these at once (go out on the town for a special night) or use a little each day (have a SMALL - ironically known as a TALL- Starbucks Caramel Frappuccino at 7 points for 5 days), or even not use them at all.
     So, I have noticed that we are all WAY under our points, probably averaging 6 points under a day, and with no plans to use our 35 this week.
     I think that is mental, and we are HOARDERS, afraid of impending doom, i.e. being hungry! I really did better yesterday (only 3 points under), but I know if we don't meet our points, then we won't lose weight because our body will go into starvation mode and store everything that goes into it.
     I did plan out all my meals for the week and enter them in online yesterday. I think this will keep me on track! However, I admit that each day I was still under 2-4 points of my allotment.
     Bottom line observations: Make sure to eat protein and a hearty breakfast. Eat natural sugar via fruits! Plan out and eat all of your points!

Friday, March 7, 2008


     Yesterday went smoothly! The only thing I didn't do right as far as WW is that I ate under my points.
     I think it's a natural thing to sort of hoard one's points, but then the problem is that you end up with a bunch at the end of the day, and you are not hungry!
     That just causes you to plan more, I think. I just love the online tools, as last night I planned out everything for today.
     I did drink 64 ounces of water yesterday, and I am shooting for 80 today.
     I am looking forward to how the weekend goes, if it is easier or harder to stay on track.
     Well, have a GREAT Friday! I am off to eat my oatmeal!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Woo hoo! Great 1st day so far!

     I am feeling very energized about the WW program. It's so great to have several other people in the building! We totally motivate one another!
     I have figured out for sure that the best way for me to stay on task is to plan out my meal the day before (which I did last night online), and then to have tons of low-point snacks available.
     I have been downing the water today, and I am up to 48 ounces so far. I am shooting for 80 ounces a day.
     I have found or re-visited some SUPER sites! First off, I have found a place that you can text the restaurant and exactly what you are going to eat, and they will text back to you the total points!!!
     This only costs whatever you pay for text messages, so if you have unlimited, then it is absolutely free!! I actually contacted the lady who runs the site to verify. The site: .
     I really dig the Weight Watchers website!! They have tons of info, and I like tracking everything online. It's very efficient, and I think easier than when I had to write everything down on paper.
     I may still have to write stuff down on the weekends, but I can also plan out my meals and print them out, so even if I am not at a computer, I have it all right in front of me.
     I do like how I can click and keep track of all my water, fruit and veggies, etc. That's all new (at least since I did it years ago), too, the 8 healthy guidelines to WW.
     You can still check out the Weight Watchers website and access quite a bit without being a member, although the points tracker is not available unless you are. (
     But, if you want something similar, you can check out which offers you an online calorie and exercise tracking system, too. And, it's free!
     I couldn't end any website about weight loss without mentioning my absolute favorite: Hungry Girl!!! ( I personally LOVE receiving their daily e-mail, always lots of great tips!
     P.S. I have also listed all the sites in my links section of this blog! Happy surfing!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

1st weigh-in

     So, tonight the six of us newbies stormed the Weight Watchers meeting! It was lots of fun to go with other people!
     I had my first weigh-in, and I definitely thought I weighed more, so I was glad to see that it was 252.6.
     That is up 2 pounds from the beginning of the year, but I am OK with that. I really did expect it to be more.
     Now, I can't wait for next week's meeting! I am so excited to find a new focus and determination regarding being healthy!
     I loved how many people were at the meeting, and how many of them I know. That's so inspiring!
     Well, stay tuned for all of my fun ideas and discoveries as far as new recipes and yummy snacks go.


      I am tickled about today! I can't wait to weigh-in tonight for the first time at Weight Watchers.
      I know the number will be higher than I want, but that's OK, because then next week when I see results, that's where it starts.
      I feel really jazzed about starting WW, and I am even more excited that my friends are making the leap, too!
      We are going to be such a good support for one another with eating and exercise.
      I know this sounds silly, but what I love about WW is how I feel like it's almost a scavenger hunt.
      I love discovering ways to change recipes so that they are healthy. I love trying new foods. I love searching out snacks that are zero or one point choices. I love the creativity that comes along with WW.
      I have also decided that I am going to sign-up for all access on the internet and use the tools there to stay organized.
      Last weekend I bought the WW magazine, and I found a teacher who had lost 100+ pounds, and she had some great ideas that completely relate to what my normal day looks like, so I am eager to try those out.
      Definitely stay tuned for some fun recipes and snacks, and to keep track of how this goes for my group.
      I have been thinking we should name ourselves...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's up?

     This is just a quick update for what's been happening lately. First, the Montessori auction!
     All I can really say about this event is WOW! I still cannot get over the amount of people who came out for a truly fun evening. (We sat with great friends and had our share of laughs!)
     Then if you add in the generosity of all the donations and time parents volunteered to make the event happen, I feel humbled.
     Of course, the major highlight is the amount of money we raised, more than impressive. We are dedicating this money to the building fund to improve the facilities of the school.
     I love being involved in an effort that I truly believe makes a difference!
     Speaking of that, on Monday it was Read Across America Day! Did you know that?
     Well, I organized (big shock, I organizing?) almost 40 high school kids to go down and read in grades K-2.
     The big kids had just as much (maybe even more) fun than the younger kids. It was awesome!
     My National Honor Society kids also brought books and gave them as gifts to the Kindergarteners!! It was so cute! My step-daughter was in the class we visited, and she was so excited to see some of her favorite high school friends, and to get a book!
     So, it's been busy, but totally today, as Sarah and I went for a walk and just enjoyed the smells and sights of Spring, I couldn't help but smile.
     I am focused on giving my needs the energy that I have all bundled up inside. I am excited to see what happens next.

WW part 2

     OK, so I have had a couple of Weight Watcher people tell me that we should be there at 5:00ish, instead of 5:30. I don't know for sure, but that is what time we are all going to shoot for.
     I also know that as newbies, we will stay after the meeting to find out all the newbie stuff. I believe the meeting goes from 5:30-6:00, and then newbies from 6-6:30.
     I can't wait!!!

Waiting for Wednesday!!!

     I am very excited for tomorrow night!! I have convinced several people to join Weight Watchers, and if everyone goes that says they are going to, we will be adding SIX new people!
     I am most excited about talking my mother-in-law into joining! This will be such a positive thing for her, and I am excited to do it with her!!
     So, if you need a kick in the butt, come join Weight Watchers this Wednesday, North Elementary, and the meeting time is 5:30, so show up early to register and all that.
     Which by the way, registration is free through March 8th, so this is the perfect time to join up.
     I am not super excited about weighing, as I know that it will not be good news. I can tell by how my clothes fit.
     BUT, I am feeling good about this. I am feeling motivated and ready to pour the energy into ME!! I can't wait for tomorrow!